A strudel that melts in your mouth is a dessert for an A

The strudel is the traditional dessert in our region, and the pie, a cake made of sweet or salty shortcrust pastry with sweet or savoury filling, is also very popular.

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It is juicy and delicious! After the first bite the palate always looks for more. In the cold winter days one of the best desserts is the strudel or savijača. It is a traditional cake of our region whose origin dates back to the 18th century. It is really difficult to determine exactly where this pastry was made up, but we all know very well that it occupies a major place on our tables. The pie, a cake made of sweet or salty shortcrust pastry with sweet or savoury filling, is also very popular. In fact, they are two very similar cakes, and they differ in their preparation and the method of baking the dough. You can choose between the squash pie (bučnica), potato pie (krumpiruša), cheese pie and sweet delicacies. Over time, different variations of the cakes have occurred. And in a number of restaurants, strudels and pies are the main offer for dessert.

Less than an hour drive from Zagreb, a restaurant, the Vuglec breg has settled near Krapinske toplice. Its pleasant atmosphere is the right place for superior gastronomic experience. The genuine Zagorje-style interior, an open fireplace and a terrace with a thatched roof give a feeling of warmth and a special home atmosphere. Forgotten, old recipes of “grandma's dishes” come again to life in their kitchen and on the tables of the restaurant. Here you will taste superb pies and strudels.

Vuglec breg. Photo: Marko Prpić/PIXSELL

- The apple strudel and the apple pie are our most wanted desserts, especially at this time of the year. We also offer cherry pie and squash pie. Soon we will make repnjak – cheese strudel with a tail – we were told at the Vuglec breg.

If Plitvice Lakes are your destination, make sure to stop at the Lička kuća, which has superior strudels on its menu. The middle of the restaurant features an open fireplace with fire where they roast lamb on a spit and prepare specialties of Lika under the bell. Lika strudels made of cheese or apple are always on the menu and you will certainly enjoy them.

Lička kuća. Photo: Danijel Berković/PIXSELL

- When we have announcements for group visits, we make apple, cheese, cherry, plum pies. In our restaurant it is a real specialty – we were told.

If you happen to travel towards Karlovac, the Lovački rog restaurant is located in a grove near the town. In addition to trying delicious dishes of venison, from deer through boars and roe deer, you will also taste superb strudels.

Lovački rog. Photo: Kristina Štedul Fabac/PIXSELL

- We always offer our vineyard strudels that are made of apples, cherries and walnuts. Guests know very well about that specialty of our restaurant – they told us at the Lovački rog. 

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