The abundance of tastes of Croatia at Christmas season festivities

Together with Zagreb, other cities in Croatia have also prepared numerous Christmas season surprises, and restaurants across Croatia are waiting for their guests…

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The entire Croatia is in the sign of the Christmas season. Huts full of souvenirs, appealing aromas of boiled wine and fritters, the season of a joyful expectation, cheerful mood and various suitable activities. If you are coming to Croatia at this time, be aware that kind hosts and superb specialties are waiting for you at every corner. Christmas season programme has never been richer and more imaginative: from the underground tunnels and Santa Claus to miraculous huts of nutcrackers and elves. Whichever city you choose, a number of Christmas surprises and novelties are waiting for you, and restaurants across Croatia are ready for their guests.

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Bistro Kastel is located in the mediaeval castle Dubovac, one of the most preserved examples of the feudal architecture in Croatia. It overlooks Karlovac, its view encompassing the magnificent scenery. An attentively conceived menu, enriched with fresh ingredients of Karlovac region, prepared in an imaginative and modern way, is waiting for the visitors, who will surely enjoy it. The renowned chef explores Karlovac market every day, and carefully selects the ingredients. Taste smoked trout, ribs, duck breasts, or a plate of home-made cold cuts!

- Every day we prepare our dishes using fresh and home-made ingredients. We are looking forward to our guests during the entire Christmas season, they say at the restaurant.

The same atmosphere is felt at Verglec restaurant, located in the very heart of the baroque city of Varaždin. It is the first restaurant with the license of the Croatian indigenous cuisine. Most dishes have an old-fashioned touch, evident in their names or in the manner of preparation. Accordingly, roast duck is stuffed with the filling of braised onions, duck liver, smoked bacon and buckwheat stew, and pork cutlets (lokoti) are boiled in pickled beet, whereas Patačić beef filet is prepared in cherry and cream sauce. The offer includes fish as well. When it comes to river fish, they prepare catfish in wine, pike perch in garlic, and other river fish in corn flour. When it comes to sea fish, gilt poll and sea bass are prepared on grill, and small sea fish is fried.

If you are going to Rijeka for this Christmas season, do stop at Ćakula.
Ćakula konoba offers specialties of this area, different in each season, and in the winter they have beans, horsebean, jota stew (a stew traditionally made of beans, sauerkraut, potato, and pancetta)… Homemade gnocchi, liver in polenta with herbs, stews prepared in many different ways, steaks in mushroom sauce, goulash... On Friday, according to a Croatian tradition, they serve fish, squids, fresh ingredients from good suppliers.

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If you are in Opatija, you should certainly visit Volosko. Tramerka konoba, situated there, serves fish combined with well-baked, golden polenta, and numerous specialties for meat lovers.

- On weekends during the Christmas season, we serve dishes prepared under the baking bell (peka), and we suggest to everybody to call in advance before their arrival, they say at the konoba.

Split restaurant Lučica is also waiting for its guests.

- Beefsteaks, rump steaks, veal liver, lamb on a spit, veal, lamb under the bell, rooster under the bell… these are our specialties, and there is also fish, of course – white fish, shrimps, and anglerfish. We are looking forward to our guests during Christmas season, they say in Split.

The south of Croatia certainly has a lot to offer during this Christmas season. At Petar Zoranić Square in Zadar, an exquisite gastronomic offer is waiting for you, so you will be able to find great delicacies – from codfish and domestic sausages to burgers and sarma, served in 25 advent huts. The traditional “Đir po gradu” (a manifestation taking place in Zadar, gathering different institutions, restaurants, artisans and shops which offer various discounts or special offers) will be organised this year as well, so until 15 January, all restaurants, shops and museums with “Đir po gradu” designation are offering appropriate menus at affordable prices.

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The Christmas fair in Dubrovnik is set on the most beautiful Dubrovnik street – Stradun, featuring craft businesses which will present their handicraft, Christmas ornaments, and the abundant sweet offer of various Christmas cakes and delicacies. Among others, the specifics of Dubrovnik Winter Festival are the Days of Codfish. During the Christmas season, you will be able to enjoy codfish prepared in different ways in the majority of Dubrovnik restaurants.