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Brela beaches for all those who have already visited this beautiful place on the Makarska Riviera are synonymous with an extraordinary vacation in a natural paradise on earth. The beaches for which the site is widely known are his actual trademark. Their beauty is why many tourists decide to spend their vacation in this pearl of Dalmatia every year. It is not uncommon to meet guests who have been choosing the beaches of Brela as their summer oasis for decades.

Many of them are often on various lists and lists of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world and are equally beautiful in winter when their beauty comes to full expression, as in summer when they are the best place to seek refreshment from the heat.

Along Brela beaches, there is a kilometer-long promenade that entices you to take a relaxing walk by the sea and enjoy the view of the crystal clear sea and pearly white beaches. Combined with countless shades of green from century-old pines, it is clear to you that it is an ideal combination to relax both eyes and soul.

If you do not decide to spend your holidays in Brela, and yet this place is on your way or near your resort, do not miss the opportunity to go there for a swim or in the evening to enjoy a walk and a drink in one of these beautiful oases.

We single out the names of 5 beaches for you so that you can find your way around more easily on arrival:

  1. Punta rata beach
  2. Podraće beach
  3. Soline beach
  4. Stomarica beach
  5. Scit & Porat beach

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