Desserts that win you over instantly – once you try them, you will ask for more

Slavonian people are known as good hosts and believe it, you will never leave Slavonia hungry, and Dalmatia and Istria are not lagging behind. In Zagreb, in turn, you can try traditional desserts from all over Croatia

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Holidays cannot be imagined without desserts. Among them are certainly traditional desserts unique to each Croatian region. Much has been said about famous Slavonian delicacies, and when you taste šapice, zvjezdice, medenjaci, and a number of other cakes made of shortcrust pastry...! Slavonian people are known as hospitable and believe it, you will never leave Slavonia hungry. Dalmatia is not lagging behind with its famous desserts like Rab, Ston and Imotski cakes and its nuts delicacies, such as Split and Skradin and Trogir cakes. In Zagreb, in turn, you can try desserts traditional across Croatia. Istria takes pride in its dry biscuits and mixed biškoti (ladyfingers) as well as orehnjača (walnut strudel) and makovnjača (poppy-seed strudel) adored by everyone. There is also kuglof cake, panettone and pandoro, without which Christmas is simply unimaginable.

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Didov san konoba in Zagreb is known not only for its homely ambience and offer, but also for the courtesy of its staff, persuading you to come back. Here, you will try Imotski cake, an unavoidable holiday dessert.

- We also have a classic chocolate cake, and a chocolate cake in combination with ice cream and honey. It is our tradition – we were told at the tavern. They also offer Dubrovnik’s rožata, a dessert with many versions along the Mediterranean, unavoidable on tables in Dalmatia ever since the Venetian rule. The basic elements of this dessert are milk, eggs and sugar whereas the unique flavour comes from the esteemed rose liqueur, called rozulin, after which this dessert is named. You can try it in numerous restaurants, but it is most often prepared in Dubrovnik region. Only 50 meters from Stradun, Tavulin konoba is a place where you will feel good and eat a superb rozata.

- We follow the original recipe, so we do not use rum but only rose liqueur, our rozulin. Tourists love it – we were told at Tavulin .

If you find yourself in Skradin, drop in at Skala restaurant. There, you will try Skradin cake, indispensable during the holidays. It does not contain flour, but only walnuts, almonds, and eggs, and if you add some cinnamon, honey, lemon peel and orange peel, along with some rose brandy, it becomes evident that this is a really superb delicacy.

And in the other corner of Croatia, at a place called Karanac, only half an hour drive from Osijek, there is a family farm Ivica i Marica. The hardworking owner prepared zvjezdice (star-like cookies), in the shape of boots with vanilla and cinnamon flavor, walnut strudels, poppy-seed strudels, mađarica, floating island, schaum rolls and other various homemade pastries.

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