Desserts made by century-old recipes keep delighting us over and over again

Croatia offers perfect traditional cakes that everybody visiting it falls in love with. Most of them are named after the places where they were first made.  

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Besides its natural beauties ideal for a dream holiday and superior meals in different culinary areas, Croatia offers perfect traditional desserts that everybody visiting it falls in love with. Many Croatian cakes are named after the places where they were first conceived and made by diligent people centuries ago. The tradition is definitely getting closer to new generations.

If you visit the island of Brač, these are some of the locations you have to visit: Zlatni rat, Vidova gora, Blaca desert, deep bays, olive groves, vineyards, all of these are images that many visitors take home. Certainly, if you can you should definitely taste the Brač Cake or the Dubrovnik Cake in Dubrovnik or the Rab Cake on Rab. In Istria, you will be delighted with the Istrian Cake, in Makarska with the Makarska Cake and on Hvar with the Hvar Cake. And the Imotski Cake with its filling of almonds and a few drops of maraschino, yummy! But you needn’t go to Imotski to try it because in the Croatian capital, there is a tavern, the Didov San, whose guests are delighted by the dessert.

- Our guests love it, and we try to cherish traditional recipes – they say at the Didov San. The palate will be also delighted with a sweet cake that was baked as back as in the 14th century by Skradin brides on the eve of their wedding night in order to impress their chosen ones. The recipe for the delicious Skradin Cake is kept in Skradin by just a few housewives even though the list of its ingredients has not changed significantly throughout its history. You can taste the cake at almost every restaurant in Skradin and the surrounding area, one being the Skala, which also cherishes the history of the place and the region. If your choice is Zadar, you should definitely try the Zadar Cake with orange at the Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga.

- The cake is a part of our standard offer and guests love it. It is simple and full of flavours, and the main ingredients are orange, chocolate, eggs – we were told at the restaurant.

However, if the road takes you to Split, you should not miss the Split cake because everything that is the “Cvit Mediterana” (Mediterranean Flower) is interwoven into that cake! Nuts, dried figs, raisins ... If you want to make a cake full of flavours and with delicious vanilla cream, this is just a cake for you! Then, be sure to drop by to the Augubio Congo Restaurant, and if you are in Tučepi, you will find the Split cake at the Gusari Restaurant. If you go towards Ston, make sure to stop at the Kapetanova Kuća Restaurant where they will serve you the superb Ston Cake that has even pasta as its ingredient.