Where the Krka kisses the sea risotto is boiled for 10 hours

Visitors coming to Skradin should not omit delicacies originating from the times past. Famous Skradin risotto is one of the Dalmatian gastronomic icons.

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Should you set off from Šibenik towards the Krka National Park, it would be pity not to visit Skradin, only 20-odd kilometres away. Proud of its delicious food and kind hosts, this place where the Krka kisses the sea will hardly leave anybody indifferent.

Having the soul of a small place, and taking pride in being one of the oldest places in Croatia, Skradin is surrounded by and located in the very natural reserve. Everybody coming to Skradin will fill their soul with the beauty of the nature. They will certainly get a closer view of the swans, which are like hosts there. The specific geographic location of Skradin is also felt in the strong aromas oozing from rich dining tables. The kiss of the river and the sea writes the pages of a really specific gastronomy. Eels from Lake Prokljan, which are called bižot, are also special. And everybody will praise čokalice,  tiny fish living between the upper layer of the Krka river fresh water and the lower layer of the salt sea water, which are fried in flour, along with koprtlje, sticks with prosciutto and pancetta wrapped in lamb offal and boiled with pieces of dried meat.

Dish over hot ashes and cold Skradin eel stew with maize polenta are also very popular.  Still, visitors coming to Skradin should not omit delicacies originating from the times past, which are adored. Famous Skradin risotto, which was elevated to the hall of fame in the “No Reservations” show by Anthony Bourdain, is one of the Dalmatian veal gastronomic icons. The dish is prepared for 8 to 10 hours, and traditionally, it is made by men.  The real Skradin risotto can be tried at the Cantinetta Restaurant  Cantinetta where its owner Tome Računica recommends it should be always ordered a day earlier.

"A specific of our risotto is its long preparation, and after being cooked, it has to be served immediately. Therefore, real Skradin risotto should be always ordered a day earlier in the restaurant. Only then can tourist be certain that they have got the original dish. If the Skradin risotto is included in the menu "à la carte", they can be sure that it is not true risotto - – says Tome Računica.

Ante Petrović, the owner of the Skradin’s Restaurant, Zlatne školjke, also has Skradin risotto in the restaurant offer, along with a rich fish and meat menu

Among the great selection of desserts, visitors should certainly try the Skradin cake – dessert made of almonds, walnuts, and honey, which Skradin brides baked by themselves ahead of the first wedding night in order to impress their chosen men as back as in the 14th century. It is extraordinary, having intense and strong taste, and is made with no flour! It is only walnuts, almonds and eggs! If you only add cinnamon, honey, lemon and orange peel, rose rakija, prošek, or rum, it becomes true delicacy. Eat up!