Spring onion - incredible flavour combinations

Spring onion is the subject of quite a few culinary tales. This is a versatile ingredient that goes great with other combinations and its mild flavour and numerous ways of preparation remind us of the kind of hedonism always brought about by the advent of a new season. Even though bundles of spring onions can nowadays be bought year-round, this is actually one of the first spring ingredients often growing from underneath the snow. The abundance of green colours typical of spring and a wide array of available vegetables are a perfect match with the spring counterpart - spring onion.

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Seasonal ingredients peak: April - May

According to culinary customs and tradition, spring onions are best when served raw and without thermal processing. They make a fantastic side dish with meat, particularly grilled meat. Lamb with spring onions is definitely among the most popular dishes. Spring onions and lamb are the ultimate gourmet treat served on all major events and festivities. Spring onions are also commonly served with cow’s milk cottage cheese and cream, but sometimes you can also add minced hot peppers. With spring onions being available year-round, it’s becoming an increasingly important ingredient used to prepare other dishes.

Spring onions are extremely easy to prepare given that they don’t take long to prepare. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to keep them crunchy because not only will this preserve their flavour and nutrients, but it will also give your meal a new interesting texture. You can make soups containing chopped spring onion slices like the clear chicken stock soup with spring onions being a true delight. This soup can also be prepared if you use fish stock. Grilled or briskly pan fried spring onions make a phenomenal addition to spring salads, sandwiches and meat dishes.

Seasonal ingredients are by far the best choice when making a spring onion salad. You’ll be equally blown away by the boiled asparagus, radish, rucola and young chard salad. Spring onions go great with ginger or mustard sauces. Spring onions can be used to make salad dressings or a marinade for meat dishes. Cut the spring onions and ginger into matchsticks or, to use professional chef lingo, Julienne them and mix them into soya sauce. You can also add a finely chopped chilli pepper. Leave the sauce to stand for a while and then you can use it to make stir-fried dishes, meat marinades, as a sauce with fried ingredients like mushrooms or freshwater fish. The sauce can also be served with raw tuna or a gently fried tuna fillet.

Try to use seasonal onion instead of the commonly used regular onion when preparing classic sour cream or tomato-based dishes. The sauces will be lighter and have a much sweeter flavour. Just like spring dishes ought to taste. Spring onions are great in omelettes, fritaja (egg dish similar to omelette) and you can also use them to stuff salty pies.

Restaurant menus just go to show how widely spring onions are used. If you get to visit the restaurant Perivoj in Split, we recommend you try the duck breast with Jerusalem artichoke cream, leafy salad, spring onions and Dijon mustard and orange sauce.

Homarus Takenoko is the speciality at the famous Zagreb restaurant Takenoko, which has been included in the Michelin list. This dish contains fresh stir-fried homarus prepared with spring onions, ginger, garlic, honey and sambal.

 Time Restaurant in downtown Zagreb is a place where we’d definitely suggest you try a starter dish named gyoza. Gyoza is dish containing five Japanese balls filled with pork or chicken, spring onions and ginger.