Masters of spit make the most delicious roasted lamb

Archaeologists say that it is the “millennial tradition in this area” – spit has been rotating in Croatia for thousands of years!

Image author: Shutterstock

Which one is better? From Cres, Pag, Krk or from Zagora? Or, maybe from the other side of Velebit, from Lika? These are senseless and eternal rivalries about whose lamb is better because any one is excellent.

Although lamb is an international delicacy that can be found on any table in the world, it is thought to be the best when spit-roasted. The procedure is simple – the meat is put on the spit, i.e. a rod that is placed on the crochets – forked sticks above the fire and is rotated. This way of roasting is older than any kind of cooking pot or pan for roasting under the bell. Archaeologists say that it is a “millennial tradition in this area.” Our spit has continuously rotated for thousands of years. The fact is that we have neither a better meal nor a longer culinary tradition or an older gastronomy brand than the spit-roasted lamb. The spit, and roasting under the bell along with it, has remained the main way of food preparation even today.

If you want to taste real home-made spit-roasted lamb, we recommend you to stop in Ozalj, at the Žganjer Restaurant. The peculiarity of the restaurant is the tradition that is based on the delivery of live lambs from the Pag and Krk islands, and their spit-roasting over dry beech logs just before serving.

- The spit-roasted lamb is usually served with baked potato, vegetables or salad. We leave that our guests’ choice. Here, everybody knows that they will eat home-made food and thus tourists come on recommendation – says Marina Žganjer, the owner’s wife.

Another restaurant, Zlatna Potkova, located on the road to Dalmatia, in Gospić, has mastered spit roasting and acquired the iconic status in Croatia.

- Our guests know very well what high-quality lamb is – says the restaurant staff whose skill is awarded by loyal guests and spread by the word of mouth.

If the road leads you towards Plitvice Lakes, do not miss to stop and taste lamb at the Lička Kuća Restaurant. In the middle of the restaurant, lamb is roasted on a spit over an open fire and specialties are prepared under the bell.

- Our guests love lamb. Our menu offers “Lička Kuća Plate” that also contains spit-roasted lamb. With us you can always enjoy the real specialties from Lika – we were told at the Lička Kuća.

And if you are already at the sea and long for meals on the spit, feel free to stop by the Vinko Tavern at Konjevrate, which is located 15 kilometers from Šibenik. They are known for the spit-roasted pig and lamb, and if you want, you can also get a rooster on the spit. When you come to the Vinko Tavern, know that you will get a crispy skin and tender meat on the platter.

- We always have spit-roasted meat, but if there is a large group of guests we always recommend that they make booking – they say at the Vinko Tavern.