Cremeschnitte – a creamy delight everybody love

Cremeschnitte became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and has retained its popularity until today.

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One of the most famous desserts in Croatia is certainly cremeschnitte, also known as krempita (“cream pie”). Undoubtedly, cremeschnitte is one of the symbol of Samobor. Samobor’s cremeschnitte is a pride and joy for every Samobor local. A story of Samobor’s cremeschnitte originated as back as in the 1920s after Đuro Lukačić returned from Zagreb.

Đuro had been taught the craft in Zagreb pastry shops, where he combined the recipes of his master teachers and made a dessert that later made Samobor renowned. Although some stories of the origin of the recipe also mention influences of masters from Hungary, and even Austria-Hungary, all Samobor inhabitants claim with certainty that Đuro Lukačić is the father of the true Samobor’s cremeschnitte.

Cremeschnitte was thus first prepared in Đuro brother Marko Lukačić’s pastry shop at the Samobor square. Locals from surrounding places, and even Zagreb inhabitants used to come to Samobor for picnic. And everybody loved that delicious dessert. That was how the time of the delicious foamy delight that rarely one can resist started. Cremeschnitte became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and has retained its popularity until today.

At the times, people were ready to wait for the cake if it was necessary, sometimes even for an hour. Here is the answer to the question why only this cremeschnitte is consumed warm. The demand was so high that there was no time for them to cool (they are equally delicious cold).

The basic ingredients for any cremeschnitte are: eggs, sugar, milk, flour and puff pastry dough. Zagreb’s cremeschnitte is also famous, and you will also find it in any good pastry shop. Cremeschnitte from Samobor and Zagreb differs in the final layer. The Zagreb’s cremeschnitte has chocolate glaze at the top, and Samobor’s cremeschnitte has puff pastry dough at the top. Cremeschnitte can be also found in restaurants, but it is not always included in the offer.

The Kod Špilje Tavern in Otruševec near Samobor readily serves cremeschnitte, since, as they say, that is their specialty. But, they do not have the cake in their offer every day.

- Samobor is known for cremeschnitte and the cake is always prepared at our square. Everybody loves it, both children and adults – the staff of Kod Špilje says.

It is also frequent in the offer of the Verglec Restaurant in Varaždin. - We often have Zagrebs cream pies in offer. A pastry shop operates within the Park Hotel, and they send to us what they prepare – we were told at the Verglec. The Ivica i Marica farm in Kanarac, near Osijek, always serve cream from the cremeschnitte recipe but in a bit modified combination.

- We do not make cream pie but cream rolls filled with cremeschnitte cream. We always have them in our offer and our guests adore them – the staff from the Ivica i Marica says.