Chestnuts and mushrooms – autumn delicacies that are adored

Many restaurants have complemented their menus with autumn products.

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The nature is truly idyllic in autumn. The trees are gorgeous  and the scent of roasted chestnuts is felt around every corner. If Zagreb is your destination for a holiday during the autumn days, then we definitely recommend a visit to Sljeme. Sljeme (1033 m) is the summit of Medvednica, a mountain overlooking Zagreb. A paved road leads to it along with numerous hiking tracks that look as if being a part of a fairytale when golden, copper, red and brown leaves fall onto the ground. And there you can also find the beauties of autumn – chestnuts and mushrooms.

In Istria, one can truly enjoy all the charms of autumn as well. The smell of chestnuts, either baked or cooked, always creates a feeling of comfort and warmth. So many restaurants have complemented their offers with these sheer autumn delicacies.

If your road takes you to Zagreb, then be sure to visit the Bistro Fotić, in the very centre of the capital where you can eat not overly expensive, but interesting and delicious food in a lot of ways. Pleasant, decorated in many styles and with varied offer, it guarantees that everyone will surely find something for themselves.

- Mushrooms are the main foodstuff in this time of year. We offer mushroom soup, and there is fritaja (egg omelettes) with mushrooms and bacon. Truffles are unavoidable and so we have pljukanci with truffles, grilled steak with truffles and other on the menu... As for the chestnuts, we have a chestnut and chocolate cake – we were told at the Fotić.

Bistro Fotić. Photo: Borna Filić/PIXSELL

On Zagreb’s Opatovina, a tourist Mecca and a favourite site of quality beer lovers (the only Zagreb and Croatian craft street), a comfortable, brick vault-crowned place called Lanterna na Dolcu is situated. The quality and freshness of the ingredients is guaranteed by the vicinity of the central Zagreb market, Dolac, while the atmosphere by one of the oldest streets in the old part of Zagreb and the restaurant location in the basement more than 300 years old.

- Our specialties are autumn tastes with chestnut, and we also have a cake. Among mushrooms, we offer steak with wild mushrooms, risotto with wild mushrooms and beef noodles, and there are also homemade macaroni with beef and truffle – the staff at the Lanterna na Dolcu say, noting that they have got the idea for some recipes from an old 1854 cookbook that they found in the Museum of the City of Zagreb.

Lanterna na Dolcu. Photo: Jurica Galoić/PIXSELL

If you are in Istria, then we recommend a visit of the Konoba Buščina located in the area between Umag and Plovanija, near the Slovenian border. Their offer includes anything one would imagine with truffles.

In Rukavac near Matulj, a place where mountain air from Učka blends with the smell of the sea from the Opatija Riviera, the Stancija Kovačići also offers fungi such as unique truffles, and other woodland fungi like porcini and chanterelle.

Stancija Kovačići. Photo: Nel Pavletić/PIXSELL

- We have a great selection of dishes with fungi. We offer cream soup, homemade pljukanci with porcini, risotto with boškarin with mushrooms... and much more. For dessert, we offer the chestnut cream – we were told at the restaurant.