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Bojan Utješinović, Gordana Fabijanić
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The owners of the colourful stone tavern Didova Kuća come from faraway Rijeka. They are involved in ceramics and pottery for six months of the year, while during the other warmer six months they live, cook and work in this house, the oldest one in the bay and the settlement of Šimuna and where they started this wonderful story six years ago. Underneath the old grape vine, with a view of the sea and accompanied by the smell of Mediterranean herbs and an incredible feeling of ease, Didova Kuća takes you back to a fairy tale from the beginning of the century with its intricate details. A wonderful blend of Istria, Primorje and Dalmatia you can only wish for!

Tables and chairs feature every colour imaginable, bread bags are custom-made, the menu is hand drawn and held in a unique case. Stunning, creative, playful and explained to the very last detail. Given that the house was built in 1906, stories of people who lived here abound, so today’s cuisine in based precisely on old stories and recipes of the island of Pag. They pick plants every single day thereby educating guests who are interested in that. Home-reared figs are one of those stories, alongside a fantastic appetizer containing figs wrapped in roasted prosciutto and roasted goat cheese. Sage, rosemary, olive and everything that grows in the tavern’s proximity are served always in every single dish.

They make their own bread every morning, and sometimes they make it from the sea! Speaking of the sea, if you don’t try the platter sea – earth, it’s almost like you haven’t been to Didova Kuća. Ten small dishes with tapenadas, cheeses, homemade house prosciutto, several kinds of salted fish and the best olives you’ve ever tasted will make you equate this place with perfect homemade scents and flavours once and for all. There’s a different soup every day, depending on what the chefs picked in the garden or caught in the sea. If the weather is cold, there’s also a maneštra to keep you warm. Cephalopod broth, monkfish fillet in wine with black gnocchi or sea bass in škartoc are just some of the seafood dishes, and the sea is just a stone’s throw away.

At Didova Kuća they mostly eat fish and everything sea-related, but there’s plenty of meat and cheese for more demanding guests. An example is Pag quark ravioli with Pag sage and almonds and walnuts on a cheese bed made from the crust of Pag cheese. Grated Pag cheese, ground walnuts and a slice of Posedarje prosciutto. Lamb stew with homemade gnocchi made from local Pag herbs. Genuine Pag lamb is scarce indeed and you'll have to order it. It’s only then you’ll realise that this is so much better and has nothing to do with what you previously thought Pag lamb is. Novigrad mussels are supplied in patches and are kept in the sea underneath the tavern.

Pasta is obtained through private connections from Buzet and blends ideally with two sauces you had a chance to try. The first one is forest pljukanac, with an incredibly large amount of mushrooms and herns, with no cream and fried prosciutto. It’s ideal with strogner wines such as Korlat Syrah that does a great job at restraining this ample dish. Extra virgin olive oil Kaštelanac Polača is served with every dish.

Finally, come dessert time and you have the classic chocolate cake with a Pag twist, lemon cake, quark gnocchi with quark, almond and lemon cake, and the indispensible fritule. Naturally, if you’re a cheese lover, all of Pag’s beauties are contained in sheep and goat delicacies with several types of them available.

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Contact number: 023/697-219

E-mail: gfabijanic1@gmail.com

Working hours: 20.4. - 1.10.  - 13:00 - 23:00

Region: Dalmatia-Zadar

Address: Šimuni 39, 23251 Kolan, otok PAG

Capacity: 100

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

Didova Kuća is a monument to the best homemade, traditional cuisine with imaginative, brilliant chefs who turn a meal into a phantasy. Pag is perfect, the staff is second to none so enjoy every moment of your holiday in this region and be sure to end your trip by paying a visit to Didova Kuća. You’ll thank us...
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