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Bruno Šimcik
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When you leave Požega, towards the village of Turnić, slightly downhill through the forest you will descend to a lake of the most peaceful green paradise where you will find the Stari Fenjeri tavern. The old bricks on the walls, the massive wooden attic, the beautiful little terrace and thick cover of trees are the perfect place to rest the soul in the rustic ambiance and try what is at hand here – the fish from their fishpond.

Stari Fenjeri is the ideal place for large groups due to the hundred places in the hall and on the terrace, as well as the couple of playgrounds for all ages plus the numerous spots for a barbecue next to the little green lake. If you have booked in advance, the friendly staff will prepare one of their specialities – food baked on cinders under an iron lid (ispod peke). If you like veal, pork or lamb baked like this - then you are in the right place.

The prices are a delight - you will rarely visit a place and eat something so good, and for such a reasonably price. The main characteristics of this restaurant are the continental flavours, and also on offer are smoked pork knuckle, potato halves, wild game ragout and generally everything that you can think of from a rich Slavonian table.

After a wide selection of dried meat and cheese products and classic soups, it is recommended to choose a local fresh trout or carp - you can view them in the lake beforehand. The trout comes in two sizes – small and large, and we must just warn you that the small is not so small.

The ample portions, tasty grilled fish and excellent local potato with a cabbage salad and the Jakobović Graševina correspond perfectly with this divine forest-lake delight, where in an hour’s time you will have recharged your batteries for the coming week. Although they warmly recommended it to us, we didn’t manage to try the speciality of the house, the pork steak in a rich kulen (spicy sausage) and prosciutto sauce and several other secret Slavonian delicacies.

Cheerfully designed, the old-style tasty pancakes with cream and homemade marmalade are also points on this beautiful trip into the country. Požega is half-plain, half-mountain, and Stari Fenjeri is the loveliest way to find out for yourself its beauty and enjoy real Slavonian cuisine. And its trout are really great, come back…

Author of photography: Ivica Galović/PIXSELL

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Contact number: 034/622 277



Working hours: Thursday - Sunday: 09:00 - 21:00 h

Region: Slavonia

Address: Turnić 2a; 34000 Požega

Capacity: 70

Price range: less than 100 kn

Restaurant description:

The restaurant is located in the direct vicinity of beautiful Požega, a town of a rich history and gourmet traditions.

In the rustic atmosphere of the restaurant you will forget your hectic life in an instant and sail away into the past. The restaurant has been carefully arranged in order that visitors are assured an atmosphere for the enjoyment of top quality specialities of continental cuisine, prepared from fresh local ingredients.

In the Stari Fenjeri Restaurant attention has been dedicated to every detail, from the excellent choice of wine and food, to the pleasant sounds of the tamburitza. There is spacious parking, a playground for the little ones, and a summer terrace with a view of the fishpond and the surroundings full of various singing birds provide a special experience.

Alongside the hospitality service, also on offer is the possibility for recreational fishing in the owner's fishponds, which are located next to the restaurant. The fishponds are certainly one of the reasons that an important place in the restaurant’s menu is taken by fish specialities. It is also possible to order them from your own caught fish which are then prepared immediately the way you want.
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