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Vjeko Bašić
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Black as the volcanic rock, sprinkled with coarsely ground black pepper, nicely salty and gently spicy – this is how black polenta made of cuttlefish looks like in Murter tavern Boba. And it is not only coloured in black; it actually contains the pieces of cuttlefish. It is more like a starter, warns us well the innkeeper, but in summer it suffices as a more serious snack. Squids also looked good, smelled equally nicely, and their taste was exquisite.

At Boba, they keep things simple. If squid is real and fresh, it is the best when simply grilled. They apply the same rule to tuna and white fish is boiled or baked in the earth oven. They pay most attention to monkfish. They offer it brudet style, in white wine and in a scampi and truffle sauce with polenta with dried tomatoes and capers. These are fish dishes in the section called glavni pijat, or the main dish, and this part also contains lamb chops, pork tenderloin, beef cheeks, fillet, and steak, and some Black Angus beef dishes.

Risottos and pastas precede the main dishes and here small spaghetti with sea urchin eggs or with grancigula, an ugly and huge crab known as Mediterranean spider crab in continental areas. The menu’s section prvi pijatovi or starters includes the described black polenta, fried shrimps in a whiskey and mustard sauce, baked scallops with cheese, capers, and tomatoes, and seafood: shrimps, scampi, and shellfish baked in the earth oven.

Kornati islands’ style lamb and octopus are also made in the earth oven but so are the pancakes dolphin baked in vanilla cream.

With these playful dishes, but also with more classic ones, which are also in abundance on the menu, guests can match some thirtyish bottled wines poured by the glass and other sixtyish selected wines from all over Croatia, as well as seven champagnes. White and red wines are cleverly classified as per fullness and ripeness and so those who are unacquainted with our wineries or do not understand the titles of varieties will easily find what suits their selected meal best.

A huge amount of attention is paid to spirits: seven gins are offered, eight rums, and eight single malt whiskeys, along with six blended ones.

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Contact number: 098/9485 272



Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Region: Dalmatia-Šibenik

Address: Butina 22; 22243 Murter

Capacity: 70

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

Traditional Kornati islands’ cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere of family restaurant Boba is a synonymous of good food.

The restaurant is in the centre of Murter, which is since last year located in newly refurbished premises, with a seating capacity of 80 in the open. The offer is based on cold starters, fresh fish which comes right to the guest from Murter fishing boats in the form of various delicacies such as carpaccio or sushi.

This tavern has an outside barbecue and kitchen, and earth oven and a grill. Vegetables are supplied from the organic garden of the restaurant. Besides eating well, guests can pop in here for a drink, a cocktail, for instance, with immortelle or raspberry and red pepper.

You can enjoy live blues and jazz on Thursdays.

Awards and recognitions:

By choice of good restaurants "Bob" is ranked as the 20th best restaurant in Croatia for 2014
Recommendation Michelin guide 2018
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