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The menu is changed at least three times a year because the hotel is not open all year round, but rather mostly from April until late-October. When it comes to the food, they keep track of the season and pay attention to what nature has to say. The ingredients are mostly supplied by local suppliers and producers from Konavle to Metković. You have two local fishermen who know how to do their job, which can be seen by just how fresh the ingredients are.

Italian-born chef Giuseppe Somma is working at Pjerin under the tutorage of his famous countrymen Andrea Migliacci, and takes care of every last detail of the restaurants owned by the group. You’re in for about a hundred seats on a stunning, breezy terrace. It’s advised to make reservations and there are different menus for lunch and dinner. The menu is changed in early-May, but there’s always an even number of fish and meat dishes, as well as a special selection of vegetarian dishes.

Should you opt for courses while having your dinner, you’re in for a recommendation on how to pair wines. Mr Antun Svalina, who’s an extremely pleasant, eloquent and thoughtful sommelier, will mince no words when it comes to introducing you to the world of tasting and pairing wines. An exceptional, selected list of the very best champagnes, sparkling wines, red and white wines is based on about seventy labels, but it’s still far from being finished. Croatian wines currently make up 60% of the wines. But what’s the situation when it comes to the food?

First things first, you have an phenomenal selection of risottos and homemade pasta with “šporki makaruli”, ravioli filled with young cheese in cherry tomato sauce, paccheri pasta with pea cream, prawns and tarragon being true standout dishes. Subtle, tender, al dente and paired with 2016 Meneghetti Malvasia.

We definitely recommend the pressed prawn carpaccio which does a great job at accentuating the creamosity of Tomac Millemium and its every segment just grows stronger as you take each sip. The third course is sea bass fillet on chard with a bit of chilli, fried leek and fish skin on top with lemon juice mayonnaise. Pošip Rozman 2016 does a fantastic job of toning down the spiciness of the peppers and eases the overall impression of this traditional dish in a modern rendition.

Instead of music they have the sound of waves, the smell of pine trees, birds chirping and the sound of crickets. On a rock above the sea it seem as if the Adriatic beckons you to become one with it. Veal cheeks “pappa al pomodoro” are fried in flour, sautéed on a low fire in red Port wine with mashed potatoes and reduced tomatoes. Pinot noir 2015 made by Tomac is not tannic. It’s elegantly fruity, gentle and doesn’t have a too alcoholic taste so as to overpower the veal’s umami. And its smoke brings out even more flavours from the meat. A match made in heaven.

Then was time for the hazelnut trilogy with raspberries, a dessert with vanilla cream, 70 % of chocolate from Venezuela with toasted hazelnuts and naturally - raspberries. There’s also the chocolate sponge cake with mousse, pepper and basil, then the rozata, sorbet and ice cream, as well as rice pudding with wild berries and Maraschino. The desserts are paired with Gewürztraminer 2011 Principovac from Iločki podrumi. Even though this wine in itself almost tastes like perfect ice tea, its acidity only builds on the dessert’s sweet taste forming a wonderful never-ending story.

While you’re in the elevator on your way from this serene and beautiful oasis to the city, you’ll be under the impression that there are some places that just find a way to your heart and stay there for ever. Restaurant Pjerin, Villa Dubrovnik, a view of the Old City and a perfect atmosphere are definitely something you’ll remember. Heartily recommended.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 020/500-300

Web: www.villa-dubrovnik.hr/restaurant-pjerin

E-mail: tnola@villa-dubrovnik.hr

Working hours: MON - SUN: 19:00 - 23:00

Region: Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address: Vlaha Bukovca 6, 20000 Dubrovnik

Capacity: 104

Price range: more than 300kn

Restaurant description:

Located right across Lokrum, with a stunning view of the Old City, restaurant Pjerin simply tops off the impressive hotel Villa Dubrovnik. The Turkish company, that owns similar establishments around Europe and Italy in particular, goes to great lengths to make the guests feel as if they’ve become a fairy tale character and the view of the open sea definitely corroborates that. This is a five-star hotel and judging by all that happens at Pjerin, how it looks and how they treat you, the stars are well deserved. The restaurant was named after a character from a book on a fisherman and the sea written by the local writer Marin Držić. But the first thing you’ll see from the terrace will be the magical Betina cave where the local inventor and physicist Marin Getaldić performed his first experiments. In a nutshell, a view second to none!

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Recommendation Michelin Guide 2018
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