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Mario Arbanas
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The elegant, modern, designer restaurant Pet Bunara is located on the most beautiful square in Zadar. Pictures of the city from the last century, a stone wall, a pleasant and a handsome waiter in a branded apron, fusion jazz on the speakers – you do not know if you are in London or on the peninsula.

Pet Bunara is known for not currying favor with anyone. It follows its own star and its own outstanding seasonal menu. The month of December is still the mushroom season, so on a special menu it offer dishes made from a mixture of bolete, button mushrooms, horn of plenty mushrooms, and oyster mushrooms. Thus you can select among salate ludare, cream of mushroom soup with a mix of mushrooms, orzotto, rump steak and tuna – all in a variety of combinations of mushrooms, overfull, not overcooked or overtender, serious, full and filling.
When we asked for the tuna, we received an honest answer from the waiter that the tuna was not wild but cultivated - an unusually fair response and deserving of thanks. So with a heavy heart, and we are joking when we say that, we chose the rump steak. It was grilled to a dark color like we requested, sprinkled with a fantastic mushroom sauce with cheese and accompanied with an aromatic baked potato along with a phenomenal discovery "Signorina Mandarina," a marmalade of mandarin orange with the peel. Since it is the mission of the people of Pet Bunara to do everything in an ecological and homemade way, such creations are absolute perfection.

The a la carte menu does not offer very many dishes, but each has a head and tail, and it is played with local ingredients, so you can eat octopus and cuttlefish with chick peas, pašticada, Benkovac stewed vegetables "Vara," scallops, filet of John Dory, and all saltwater fish - when it is fresh.

White pinot and Nadinska rana wines recommended by the staff. The wine list is carefully selected and all of the most important regions of Dalmatia and the continent are represented.
The selection of beers is focused on foreign brands, while the local specialty is homemade fig liqueur, which perfectly complements the fig cake with homemade eco jam made from fresh figs.

A beautiful combination of comfort, fresh seafood and outstanding wines, Pet Bunara is simply a place that you have to enjoy, especially after the brief winter pause, after which you return with new ideas, dishes and tastes. Highly recommended.

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Contact number: 023/224 010



Working hours: Monday- Sunday: 11:00 - 23:00 h

Region: Dalmatia-Zadar

Address: Ulica Sratico 1; 23000 Zadar

Capacity: 80

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Pet Bunara is located next to a square of the same name on a part of the peninsula where an uninterrupted succession of defensive walls has been built over the centuries
During a remodeling of the interior and exterior, natural materials like stone and precious woods with elements were used.

Pet Bunara is guided by the increasingly popular slow-food philosophy and prepares each dish following that approach. The restaurant changes its menu depending on the season of the year. The ingredients that is uses are fresh and organically grown.

Guests at Pet Bunara can enjoy the highest quality Croatian wines, and they are proud of their rich selection of outstanding wines from Zadar County. The best olive oils are also here - domestic, introduced sorts, and extra virgin. The restaurant is also proud of its pastries, which are created according to the wishes of the guests.