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Jasna Podboj
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The object has existed since 1996. It’s the first registered rural tourism in Croatia and today the only restaurant in Zagorje with a Gault Millau toque. The space is really large and diverse, but although it has 250 seats on the terrace and 90 seats inside be sure to make reservations because last year there have been 30,000 guest and more than 350 organised groups! Grešna gorica was named after a forbidden love and the extremely pleasant and amiable staff will be more than happy to tell you more about it. You can find your spot at the table at the summer stage, in the tasting room and the souvenir shop, the chill zone with workshops and playrooms (with tables in the vineyard among the grape vines) or in the interior, which is mostly used if the weather is bad.

Chef Jasna Podboj is person behind this phenomenally organised family project that works so well due to them being on good terms with the neighbours that supply most of the ingredients, which explains their philosophy: people come here to eat great food and then chill in nature on the edge of the forest against the backdrop of birds chirping and utter peace.

The appetizer is homemade zaseka (lard, bacon and spices shaped like an ice cream ball), an excellent traditional spread high in calories. The platter also contains bacon, pork/beef salami, capocollo, hot peppers and three kinds of cottage cheese: with pumpkin seeds, peppers and smoked cheese. Everything is served with homemade Graševina (Welschriesling), a table wine recommended to be taken with mineral water. The cuts are homemade, the Podboj family has it all covered so the they make the charcuterie and dairy products by themselves (except the cheese and cream which are supplied by Veronika) or they originate from the aforementioned neighbouring farms. So to get things going they have the beef salad and prezvuršt, both of which are strong and ample local specialties.

If you still have some room left for some fantastic local produce, it’s time for you to have something you can eat with a spoon. The only logical option is štrukli soup! They’re prepared on onion and lard, tender, juicy, delicious, filling, a masterpiece and a perfect representative of its area. You’re in for a really large portion so make sure you don’t overdo it! We definitely recommend you try the cep mushroom soup, especially when you get a glimpse of the surrounding forest and realise where they pick them.

And the main course is served while we are imagining how nice it must be when jazz evening with live performances start. We’re in Zagorje so it would make sense to order the local specialty, turkey with mlinci, but we took the advice and tried “pajcek po domaći” - slowly roasted pork in honey and wine with vegetables. So if you’re like a tender piece of pork accompanied with soft and aromatic vegetables, seek no more. Simple, traditional yet perfect dish. It’s paired with homemade Blaufränkisch, which if one of just three wines they have. The explanation is that it’s the best they’ve got so they don’t want to spoil the ideal setting by offering wines that just fit in the local mood. When it comes to other dishes (we had the turkey), we’d like to single out the roasted duck, veal and turkey steaks and, naturally, venison stew.

Visitors of Grešna gora often stop by just to enjoy the cakes and have a great time outdoors. You guessed it, that’s because the portions are ample and the tastes are heavenly. The same goes for the cooked, baked and roasted štrukli and the ones served with breadcrumbs. You have the apple strudel and sweet cheese strudel just in case, as well as the traditional corn zlevka.

Come by to have traditional Zagorje food and savour dishes that sure won’t make you any slimmer, but they’ll definitely make you happier! Reverence for the area where it’s located, maximum regard to the surrounding environment and taking the best from it are just some of the reasons why Grešna gorica is achieving such phenomenal results. They’re also reasons for you to try the cuisine of Hrvatsko Zagorje. Absolutely recommended.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 049/343-001

Web: gresna-gorica.hr/

E-mail: info@gresna-gorica.hr

Working hours: MON - SUN: 10:00 - 21:00

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Taborgradska 35, 49216 Desinić

Capacity: 330

Price range: 200-300kn

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If you take an hour’s drive from Zagreb through Croatian Tuscany, i.e. the picturesque, hilly and green Zagorje, you’ll reach the beautiful Tabor Castle. The stunning edifice looks even better when you look at it from the neighbouring hill, where every last detail is aimed at awakening the absolute hedonist in you and your family. Because that’s just what Grešna gorica is, a green oasis for a family vacation and satisfying your culinary appetites - the food here is really ample and good.

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