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If you haven’t been at Kod zlatnog bunara, you haven’t been to Osijek. This was the advertising slogan used by the renowned inn in downtown Osijek one hundred years ago. Thanks to the memory of that slogan today we have the opportunity to dine, drink and spend the night in a truly special place located just 15 kilometres from the largest city in Slavonia.

Surrounded by natural beauty and fresh air and just a 20 minutes’ drive away from Osijek, the hotel and restaurant were built in 2014. You’ll fall in love with the estate’s spacious and neat courtyard the moment you walk into it. The estate contains two tennis courts, three horses you can ride and a children’s playground. It’s important to note that this is a pet friendly place.

Zlatni bunar emphasises that this is a place where you'll be able to eat local Baranja specialties or classic a la carte dishes with a tiny local twist. You just have to try some of the homemade rakia made from pears, apricots or plum to get things going while a whole range of wonderful local products of Slavonia and Baranja is being brought to your table. Sausages, grill sausages, kulenova seka, bacon... They make everything themselves. Except when they run out of supplies so they have to ask the neighbours for some more. The bottom line is that everything is local and homemade, much like the vegetables and dairy products.

Dough, taške, knedle, bread - everything is made in the restaurant. The village of Lug is widely known for its phenomenal ground peppers. They even have a festival dedicated to peppers so it’s no wonder that dishes based on this wonderful vegetable are so delicious. Given that all of the neighbours grow their own potatoes, onion, cucumbers, beans and all other kinds of fruit and vegetables, a healthy meal is guaranteed. And pretty ample judging by the first house specialty. The garlic soup is ample, creamy, aromatic and made from home-grown garlic. There are no side effects given that there isn’t as much garlic as milk and cream. For true foodies.

Fish stew, perkelt made from game animals from Croatian forests (wild boar, venison, deer) with cranberry jam, Baranja steak and count’s zander are the house specialties. There are also carp and catfish dishes. The fish is reared in nearby ponds, but they’re only prepared if they’re fresh and of the highest quality. Baranja steak is actually fried pork filled with kulen, cow cheese and pickles and it’s served with baked potatoes. Given that we’re in Baranja, this ample and pungent dish is combined with a Cabernet, Merlot and Blaufränkisch coupage, made by Pinkert, which is one of the most famous local wineries. When it comes to winemakers, we should definitely mention those who are most sought after - Kalazić, Kolar, Gerštmajer and, generally speaking, just the best from Ilok to Požega.

Pinkert Blaufränkisch was an even better introduction to count’s zander. According to this recipe, this delicious fish comparable to gilthead sea bream is filled with all kinds of vegetables and served with rice. There was no room left for other Baranja specialties. But we just had to make some for taške, a local specialty comparable to knedle. It’s made from homemade dough, walnuts, cream and plum, strawberry and cranberry jam. Compact, heavy, sweet and pungent, sufficient to be a meal in its own right, but when you just want to try it all...

The old-fashioned interior adorned with wood contains paintings with Baranja motifs. You’re in for affordable prices, peace and relaxation. Baptisms, communions, team buildings, good wines and atmosphere, all this is waiting for you in Lug. It's time to try it yourself!

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Contact number: 031/628-028



Working hours: MON - SUN: 7:00 - 22:00

Region: Slavonia

Address: Šandora Petefija 64 Lug, 31328 Osječko-Baranjska

Capacity: 70

Price range: 200-300kn

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Bunar is a place for hedonists who relish both food and wine. The very heart of Baranja where everything can be reached within 20 minutes, Nature Park Kopački rit, hunting grounds Tikveš, the baroque core of Osijek and numerous great wineries make an ideal combination to get away from the hectic city life and doing something else. Relaxing and pampering all of your sense, to be more precise. Head back to the countryside, stop by at Zlatni bunar and Hotel Lug.
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