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The island of Murter has been connected to land by a bridge for a long time now so there’s no problem getting there and enjoying this beautiful archipelago, its beaches and sea... One of these wonderful “places with a view” of the sea and islands is definitely restaurant Fabro, which is situated in the city of Murter itself, on the coast, after you pass a maze of picturesque stone alleys you’ll somehow have to make your way through if you’re coming from land. The best and easiest way to get here is by boat and about twenty boats can be moored at a pier that goes deep in the sea. Pure bliss...

Everything at the restaurant is made from scratch, while about thirty cold fish appetizers are served with a homemade loaf of bread that’s still warm, parsley, garlic and olive oil from Kornati. Apart from the bread, you’ll also a platter of assorted appetizers: John Dory carpaccio with truffles, tuna carpaccio on rucola, tuna Tartar, shrimp pâté, butter, lots of red pepper and a small bowl containing horseradish and soya sauce. This too will make you fall in love with Fabro. From the sea, next to the sea, you have it all. Malvasia Pilat, fruity, with an almond scent did a great job at complementing light (shrimp pâté) and stronger flavours, which weren’t overseasoned and were served just perfectly. Made for taking photos, hats off.

Naturally, the menu includes oysters, mussels, shrimp and lobster, much like fish soups and homemade gnocchi and tagliatelle with different kinds of seafood. Fish reigns here, while scorpion fish and John Dory occupy the pedestal. But we opted for something else.

Not only does the red coupage of Babić and Cabernet Franc from the renowned winemaker Leo Gracin go great with the main dish, Adriatic shrimp and monkfish in truffle sauce, but it gives an entirely new meaning to the fish. It’s absolutely brilliant, a phenomenal combination of local wine and fresh sea ingredients. We just have to laud the bread again as it’s second to none. The wine list containing about a hundred labels beckons you to skim through it and take a walk to scan them in a specially separated wine cellar. A magnificent story indeed.

That afternoon’s dessert of the day was chocolate mousse, while during the week they also serve ice cream with truffle oil, stuffed crepes... Fabro knows what boaters want, while regular morals from the mainland won’t miss out on their delicacies. People who love that they do, pleasant and always smiling, with a view that makes defences go down. We have nothing to add, except that eating at Fabro is really something else.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 022/434-561

E-mail: mudronjadamir@gmail.com

Working hours: PON - NED: 12:00 - 23:00

Region: Dalmatia-Šibenik

Address: Žabićeva 7, 22243 Murter

Capacity: 0

Price range: 200-300kn

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The restaurant is open from February to November, the guests are predominantly boaters. The restaurant takes its name after a family nickname given to their grandfather who was a blacksmith (Italian fabbro = blacksmith). Fabro is a fish restaurant that also has beefsteaks. The menu is not that comprehensive as fresh ingredients are offered on a daily basis, depending on the catch and season of the year.
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