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Damir Tomljanović
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The Bevanda Restaurant is located by the sea, in the middle of the chocolate-box-like beautiful Opatija. It is a deluxe venue with its own cigar bar, a wine cellar, all at the highest possible levels. As soon as you enter you feel part of the nobility, and you somewhat timidly wait to see the content of the menu prepared by the famous Masterchef jury member, Andrej Barbieri.

There are so many stories about Bevanda, and so many things are already known, that it is actually really interesting to check whether everything is still in good order because this place has been at the very top of the national culinary offer all this time. The entrance to Bevanda confirms it immediately. The showcase with large samples of Adriatic fish and crustaceans, an aquarium with live specimens, a spacious, tidy place with massive tables and a rich offer of various olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Plus the sea is right within reach, immediately through the open windows.

Bevanda has a wide selection of dishes, from the simplest ones to those that will make you think – Wow! who made such a combination!? However, this is what they are best known for, preparing classic and traditional dishes in a modern way, using seasonal ingredients, preferably grown as close as possible to the restaurant. So the story begins with tiny tuna cubes, practically pralines, that are so tasty that you may want to eat the whole box. But this is just the overture to one of the menus that goes to the fullest into the sea world and the Mediterranean herbs, along with some surprises. So don’t be surprised when you taste in single bite raw scampi, duck liver, and date jam. Yes, these are the combinations that await you in the Pearl of the Kvarner region, that is in its flagship place.

There are also combinations of red Adriatic shrimp on buffalo burrata cheese and citrus fruits granita with basil oil drops - the pure essence of greenery. So much aroma and taste that you just have to try it at least once in your life. There are also the Caesar ravioli with anglerfish, octopus terrine with cuttlefish, noble fish fillets, and generally a lot more than what you might imagine seafood could be served. Superbly designed, carefully served, every detail is taken into consideration – the bread is cut on a trolley in front of you!

Bevanda also has meat dishes, veal, lamb from the nearby island of Cres, bull’s cheeks, steaks, and with all of that probably the best offer of wines and spirits in the region, in fact, according to the words of the sommelier Claudio Jurčić, about 750 types of wines and more than 200 spirits. Amongst the numerous desserts, the skyscraper cake stands out, in layman’s terms a “kremšnita custard cream cake for straight-A students”, a beautiful and robust mille-feuille cake. Amazing.

This 45-year long tradition is not fading, and Bevanda really is a model for how a five star place should look. From the service to the food and pairing with wines, all up to that point when you glance over the Kvarner Bay and you realise that you will be back very soon. The warmest recommendation.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 051/493 888



Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Region: Kvarner

Address: Zert 8 51410 Opatija

Capacity: 120

Price range: more than 300kn

Restaurant description:

The restaurant’s interior, impressive and thoughtfully designed, and the first significant renovation of the space since its opening, is all the work of Croatian architects and suppliers. It is modern, multipurpose, with separated intimate areas to smoke cigars and enjoy spirits. Of course, we’ll be happy to host your private or business events.

Based on its roots of fresh ingredients from the continent and the sea, the iconic Bevanda Restaurant today is creating classic and versatile meals refreshed with a modern touch. Along with the desire to serve tasty food, the kitchen’s focus is on the ingredients’ clean and clear aromas.
The drink list was and remains among the best in the region. The offer that includes leading national and a selection of international drinks perfectly complements Bevanda’s menu.

Awards and recognitions:

The best restaurant in Istria and Kvarner for 2015 and 2016 and the fourth best restaurant in Croatia in 2015 and 2016
Restaurant of the year in action Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia in 2016
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