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Srednja i Južna Dalmacija

A synonym for wine from Pelješac peninsula is most definitely plavac mali (little blue), so a local winemaker, Frano Miloš, decided to grow this sort the traditional way. Wine was always made in the home of the Miloš family, but, when it all exactly began, no one remembers anymore. The slopes of Pelješac are home to impressive vineyards where plavac mali ripens. It is this particular hilly terrain, with vines growing on it and drystone walls that adorn these vineyards, that creates an impressive landscape image made of stone and grapevine stumps of a unique location of origin of plavac mali. The vineyards are on a sandy soil made from dolomite rocks.

Harsh working conditions on these terrains bring comfort after all when your glass is filled with Miloš winery's Stagnum, a purple-red wine with a navy blue granite glimmer, a wine that has become indispensable on the restaurants' wine cards. However, since the plavac mali sort wishes and demands a lot of sun and warmth, this climate and its temperatures make it ideal for the lovers of a full-bodied, strong flavour of the wine.

Miloš wines are characterized by a sumptuous scent and a multi-layered taste with fragrances of ripe dark fruit and herbal notes, predominated by the sage, making the wines complex. The taste is playful, but it lasts for a while on the palate.

Spraying is minimal in the vineyards of the Miloš family due to excellent airflow, lots of light and the aforementioned warmth from the sun, which makes this climate very favourable for organic production of plavac mali and this facilitates the production of completely natural wines. The vineyards are cultivated manually and the production is organic. Every man in Miloš winery pays extraordinary attention to every single detail in the process of growing and manufacture, so that you can have an ideal sip from that glass.

In the picturesque village of Ponikve, the Miloš family has been making their wine for generations, and nowadays they own 37 acres of vineyards in the best locations of Pelješac peninsula, placed on its steep slopes from Prapratno cove to Ponikve village. They are preparing to plant additional 12 acres of new vineyards.

The Miloš family adores and appreciates nature and the love for this kind of work has helped them accomplish extraordinary results in wine production from this demanding region. The winemakers know that patience and passion are the two best pillars for the work that you love, so this family is here to stay with their vineyards and the wines of their region.

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Region Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

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The vineyards of Miloš family are located in the stretch from Prapratno cove to Ponikve village. They are situated on the southern slopes of the central longitudinal ridge, in the best locations, created on dolomite rocks. The mere conditions of starting a vineyard are extreme since these are quite harsh terrains, with an angle of up to 45 degrees, with lots of stone and deeply profiled soil in the shape of channels. Such a space is ornately enriched with the hand-made drystone wall terraces.