Grbić pumpkin oils


On the slopes of the picturesque Požega Valley where the stunning mountain ranges shield the valley from the changeable weather, hard-working people are making good use of natural resources and grow agricultural crops which from an integral part of the area’s heritage. This is the area where the Grbić family makes one of Croatia’s most famous pumpkin oils.

The company Grbić d.o.o. was founded in 1990 and it started making pumpkin oil in 2001. Although they own about 250 hectares of agricultural land, they produce pumpkin oil on about 350 hectares and land owned by contractors. Their area of 2500 hectares serves around 80 family farms through cooperative production and are today the largest pumpkin oil producer in Croatia. They produce about 45.000 litres of oil per year. The oil is obtained from the best seeds which have been produced in an controlled environment with the help of cutting-edge technology and nature. Oil is both hot-pressed and cold-pressed.

The company Grbić d.o.o. has a organic certificate for the production of food and agricultural products as well as HACCP and HALAL certificates for the production of pumpkin oils. It’s said that pumpkin oil is a health elixir because it functions as an antioxidant in the organism. In addition to pumpkin oil, the Grbić company also produces food products such as home-made mlinci (traditional dried flatbread prepared by boiling), seed production of wheat, soya beans, corn, spelt, barley and oat.

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Working hours: Possible prior announcement

Region Slavonia

Address Mlinska 90; 34 000 Požega


Grbić pumpkin oils can be found in these varieties:
Premium pumpkin oil - 0.50 l, 0.25 l and 0.10 l - unrefined pumpkin oil of premium quality which is made at lower temperatures thereby preserving its natural ratio of vitamins and minerals, as well as unsaturated fatty acids and phosphorus.
Bio premium pumpkin oil - 0.25 l and 0.10 l - unrefined pumpkin oil of premium quality made from shell-free gleisdorf pumpkin seeds grown on the Papuk slopes in a controlled organic environment.
Pumpkin oil - 0.50 l, 0.25 l - oil obtained from the best seeds to which sunflower oil is added (60% pumpkin oil and 40% sunflower oil)
Pumpkin salad oil - 0.50 l - oil containing 20% unrefined pumpkin oil and 80% sunflower oil