DGA Pjenušci Winery

Zagorje – Međimurje

The production of sparkling wine in Međimurje has long tradition. A Međimurje Champagne factory, Strahija i kompanjoni, started operation in Čakovec 116 years ago only to operate until 1914 when it stopped operation on two occasions due to the historical circumstances. Yes, there is no mistake, because the name “Champagne” had not been patented yet...

The owners of the DGA Pjenušci Winery, Gordan Horvat and Alen Švenda decided to distinguish themselves among other Međimurje winemakers and utilise the properties of the traditional Šipon variety that is used to produce base wine, perfect for sparkling wine: fresh, with high proportion of acids and low alcohol.. In the past eight yeas, depending on the harvest, they produced several labels under the Sibon label. They started with 2,000 bottles annually, and today, they produce between 8,000 and 10,000 bottles on average.

They produce Brut and Extra Brut solely from Šipon (Moslavac), and Rose Extra Sec from Cabernet Sauvignon. Their offer also includes Sibon Gold with gold leaflets.

Sibon Brut is characterised with fragrance of white peach and apricot with notes of sweet brioche – dry, with nice fruity character on the palate, fine acids and sweet, pleasant alcohols.
Sweet brioche is also felt in the Extra brut variant that is prevailed with floral aromas with addition of quince and apple and a little peach. Foam is abundant, and ending is permanent and creamy.

Elegant, tiny and numerous bubbles pearl beautifully, and long and pleasant first aromas and the expected youthful freshness give an impression that it is about balanced, mature wine that should be certainly best paired with oysters, as well as with octopus with a few spices of the Granny Smith apple. At the 2018 Decanter, non-vintage sparkling wine was awarded silver, and at this year’s competition, the sparkling wines from the 2016 harvest won silver (Brut) and bronze (Extra Brut).

If you have an opportunity to come to the promotion of Sibon, do not miss it because you will likely be able to disorge by yourself and pack your sparkling wine on the equipment that Gordan and Alen used in the first years of production!

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Contact number +385 95 601 6022

Web www.sibon.hr

E-mail sibon@sibon.hr

Working hours: by agreement

Region Central Croatia

Address Banfi 84, 40312 Štrigova


On the wavy slopes overlooking Štrigova, a little place called Banfi is the seat of the DGA Pjenušci Winery. The winery produces only sparkling wine under the label Sibon – (Frech c´est bon) or “It’s so good.“ Those are the words by which, according to legend, Napoleon’s soldiers described wine which is believed to have been produced from the Šipon (pušipel) variety. Gordan Horvat and Alen Švenda opted for the production with the traditional method of aging on yiests for at least 18 months.