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Alen Bibić’s intriguing and genuine wines have delighted wine connoisseur in restaurants in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Stockholm, and other for almost ten years. Success is even greater because it is owed to wines of a little wild variety, Debit, which has perfectly settled in vineyards at about two hundred meters above the sea level. Long pyramidal grapes with berries of different sizes and egg-like form are exposed to the sun in the day and cooled by breezes from mountains in the hinterland in the night – those are the reasons for which Bibich wines contain a lot of sugar in balance with acids and pleasant, recognisable aromas of the Mediterranean.

Debit Bibich is hay-to-gold yellow highly-potable wine for hot days, with moderate alcohols and refreshing aromas of apple and herbs. Crispy on the palate, it is recommendable with deconstructed cuttlefish in form of tagliatelle with cheese from Chef Vesna’s kitchen.

Bibich Brut non-dosage sparkling wine is produced under the classical method and after 36 months of aging, it shows that Debit can remain magnificent for a long-run: fruity and delicious, owing to early picking, while acids have remained pleasant and have prolonged the retro taste. Relish is guaranteed with oysters from the Skradin Bay with Worcestershire sauce and lemon powder!

Cheese parfait and smoked trout with trout caviar should be best matched with strong, muscular R5 Riserva; a blend of Debit, Pošip, Pinot Gray, Chardonnay, and Maraština. It is made of selected berries from the best locations, processed in the classical procedure with partial maceration followed by fermentation and aging for 12 months in American barrique barrels, so aromas of vanilla, butter and toast prevail on the nose.

According to tradition, traditional Skradin risotto is prepared by – meni! Since the dish is prepared for almost 24 hours, one should well prepare two bottles, and the perfect selection would be R6 Riserva or Sangreal Shiraz. R6 is cuvée from the authentic Babić, Plavina and Lasina varieties in equal proportions, which are aged in American oak barrique barrels for a year. It is very potable and light though complex wine, of ruby colour, with the aromas of fruit jam and sour cherries, spices (especially black pepper) and tobacco. With hardly recognisale wood tannins, R6 is wine of lively acids that will not be harmed by years.

Sangral Shiraz ages for 18 months in French barrique, it is produced under the classical procedure and is macerated for a long while. It is pepper-like on the nose and the palate: full of flavours, especially of green pepper and steamed mint, sage, and certainly dark berries. Complete and harmonious, with rounded tannins, it is a sheer master-piece which Alen especially takes pride in – perfect wine that can close up any large meal.

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The Bibić family has been preoccupied with viniculture and wine production in Nečven Grad u Promini, in the vicinity of Skradin since the 15th century. After the Second World War, his grandfather Petar restored the vineyards, mainly planted with the Debit variety, and during the Homeland War, the whole property was destroyed. However, immediately after the war in 1995, Alen, the grandson, launched again the growing and production and created the integrated Bibich brand whose wine can be found in numerous restaurants across the world. At 20 hectares (of which 10 hectares of own propery) in total, he mostly grows the Debit variety, which originated from Turkey and nowadays cannot be found anywhere else than in the Šibenik hinterland, then Babić, Plavina and Lasina varieties, as well as some international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

Except in wine, guests can enjoy dishes from Chef Vesna’s kitchen, whose 12 course dinner was praised by Anthony Bourdain as the best restaurant meal he had ever had during his 2011 visit of Croatia.