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Makarska – Gastronomy and Accommodation

There is a saying that sky is bluer on Makarska Rivijera than anywhere else is Croatia and we feel really proud about it. Southern part of Croatias coast hosts many small place with miles long beautiful beaches, clean sea, breathtaking view on the mountin from the back, and mesmerazing view on the island in front.

Really, here you can catch sunsets and sunrises to remember!

It is unique experience of being able to visit peak of one of the highest mountian in Croatia in the morining, and swim in the sea in the afternoon.

Alongside with its natural beauty, Makarska has its gastronomic story to be told and which needs to be tasted.

Mediterranean cuisine is known as one of the healtiest cuisine in the world because of its mild tastes, non spicy, very oftenly seasoned with just little bit of salt, peper and olive oil. Here you can find plenty of fresh sea fish and home-grown vegetables. If you are a food lover, here you can experience traditional dishes made on the recepies that are passed down from generation to generation or modern one that keep track with trends.

Let us introduce you with selected ones.

To have full expirience, enrich your lunch or dinner with appetizers. Most commony ones to start with are:

– Homemade fish soup

– Fish pate

– Homemade smoked prosciutto with hard cheese

– Meat or fish carpaccio

– Octopus salad

All of these are cold appetizers and don’t eats to much, leave room for main dish, and desert of course. 🙂

When we are finished with little bites and snackes, here comes the queens of the dining – main dishes.

Whether you are meat or fish lover, be sure you will have choice to taste something you never tried before.


One of the most famouse dish is an ancient Dalmatian specialty that originates from ancient – Greek and Roman cuisine named – Pašticada. This dish is complex to prepare, since it has many steps –  meat needs to be stewed, larded and marinated for one whole day. It has specific taste because of different herbs, fruit and vine combination, as well as abundant of sauce and it is served with home made special shape pasta or gnocchi. It is included in the List of Croatian Gastronomic Heritage. This dish was served on aristocratic tables during the Venetian Republic.


Have you ever tried food that is baked and cooked at the same time?

That is what “Peka” is.

Dishes are baked covered with a baking tray sprinkled with embers, but not too much because it is prepared gradually. Fire should be light and food is cooked/baked for cca hour and a half, for most of the dishes.

Baking has been made out of the clay and iron since ancient times. It is mostly used for the preparation of veal, lamb and octopus but there is also special and extra tasty bread made in the same way that is call “bread underneath the peka.”

This is indigenous cuisine of Dalmatia and although it’s a seemingly simple dish, baking a good bake is not an easy task, you need to know when the dish is finished, not under or over baked as well as how much  of the embers to put on top of the baking tray.

Sea Food

If you are more fish lover and you like lighter food, than here are some of the specialties on that side:

Since you are coming to costal town, Makarska is offering a lot of high quality fresh fish and dishes made out of it. There is frequent scene on the promenade from Nowember till April, where small family fishing boats are selling fish during the fishing season to local population.

Some of the specialties are:

– octopus on salad

– black cuttlefish risotto

– grilled fished

– roasted or fried home-made squids

– shellfish

– dentex, sea bream, sea bass, sharak, grouper, champignon are one of the high quality fish in offer

Fish is generally served with chard, boiled or baked potatoes or vegetables made on grill all drizzled with olive oil accompanied with the glass of wine. Be sure to ask for homemade olive oil and high quality wine.

Among the highest quality vine in the Mediterranean are domestic Dalmatian wines, especially red one.

If you are red wine lover then you should go for variety “Plavac Mali” originated from Pelješac peninsula.  Wines from island Hvar are also excellent, if you go for white one then ask for variety “Pošip”. In the summer months wines are frequently mixed with water and that drink is called “bevanda” or with mineral water, then it’s called “gemišt”.

*There is one note that you should know.

Fallen fish, especially sea bass and sea bream can be “wild” – caught in the sea, or from farming.

Farmed fish has a significantly higher percentage of fat than wild fish, which true gourments and connoisseurs of sea fish will know.

Extraordinary delicacy are mussels – shellfish ( brbavice, mussels, oysters) , but they should be really fresh, and are prepared with spaghetti or on “buzara” – special way of cooking with the wine, olive oil, garlic, bread crumbs, tomatoe juice etc.

At the very top of the gastonomic offer are crabs from the depth of the Adriatic sea, and they are for guests of a deeper pockets.

And the last one on this recommendation list is : “brudet”.

A good broth is made from several types of fish – there are still those that are basic, such as conger eel, grouper, larger grouper (scorpionfish), spider, swallow (cock), monkfish, mullet. Any stone fish will come in handy with them. The path to brood excellence is then charted by adding any crab – lobster, lobster, large shrimp, large shrimp, zebrafish. Namely, there are broths made of only one type of fish (eg only eel, only lobster, only eel, octopus, cuttlefish, etc.) but the technique of the procedure is more or less the same. It is cooked all together with olive oil, chopped silver onion, 2 -3 bay leaves and a piece of hot pepper. Also tomato puree and finely chopped cuttlefish, garlic and parsley gives this dish extra taste. Brudet is most oftenly served on less cooked polenta.


And what would be your vaction meal without desert?

Oh, where to start from.. Be sure to try some of the following:

Cake “Makarana” is an protected intangible cultural property of the Republic of Croatia without no significant celebration can do without. Makarska’s ladies sticks to recipes, and that’s how they preserved it. The cake has its own logo as well, and it is considered very special and important for city of Makarska.

It is dry cake make out of the flour, butter, eggs, lemon, prosecco, sugar, almonds, vanilla and orange.

Don’t go home without trying one! And since it is dry cake, you can also take piece with yourself and give a sense of Makarska cake to your friends, family members or collegues.


The ingredients are no different from English cream, only slightly in proportions, and all its secret is in the caramel topping. It is especially popular in Mediterranean countries, where they prefer to prepare in small pots so it is kind of “wigly wigly”, interesting, soft, mouth melting cake.. The first record of a Rožata dates back to the time of the Venetians and it is a traditional Dalmatian pudding. Ever since I know, Rožata has been part of tables of Dalmatian homes. It’s a dessert we all have grew up with in this area. This tradition is worth preserving.


Weddings, big holiday celebrations and important festivities in this region for more than a century and a half cannot pass without rafioli, traditional fan-shaped stuffed cookies. They are also protected as an original Croatian product, and they are still regularly prepared at Christmas time. The fragrant rafioli consists of dough and a rich filling of ground almonds and numerous spices, and a special aroma is given by maraschino, a homemade liqueur made from cherry maraschino.

Because they are dry cake that can last long and are considered to be the most delicious after a few days, rafioli have been and remain a popular Dalmatian dessert.

So, these are just some of the tradicional recepies that Makarskas gastronomik scene is offering, there are many more dishes that are there on the menu waiting for you to explore them.

Make your stay comfortable and safe in accommodations that we offer, and our agency and employees are going to be there for you for any questions that you have.

Some of the recommended accomodations would be :

Makarska Apartment Center

located on the port entrance, with walking distance from endless beaches and city centar. Tourists looking for accommodation with high comfort and modern interior have found their place.

Villa Balmis

4 star Apartment Balmis in Makarska. The luxury holiday home, newly built in 2021, built as a semi-detached house. Both houses are about a common Connected to the underground car park and are identical and mirror-inverted.

At the foot of the Biokovo mountain range, it impresses with its modern contemporary architecture, tasteful and high quality furnishings and its high level of comfort. Its excellent location offers you a wonderful panoramic view over the Adriatic Sea, as well as the islands of Hvar and Brac.

Apartment Lux

If you seek an accommodation with quality building materials, high level of comfort, modern equipment and a touch of luxury, this is just what you’re looking for. All apartments from the 2. floor have a sea view balcony and offer privacy. Shared swimming pool with sun terrace, sauna and gym offer you a perfect relaxation. You can also use BBQ stations that are provided for our guests.

Portun Apartment

Apartments Portun are located in the heart of Baška Voda, a small town on the Croatian coast, only 50m from the sea. It offers well maintained beaches, picturesque sunsets, walks along the kilometer-long coastal promenade and adventures hiking in the mountainous hinterland or riding a bike.

Holiday Home Villa 01

Villa 01 is located in the heart of Promajna, place very close to Makarska’s city throng, it offers more quiet and peacefull holiday. A large terrace with a shared swimming pool, a mediterranean garden and summer kitchen invite you to spend wonderful moments with family and friends. In several minutes you can reach the beautiful beach and within 5 minutes by car you are in the tourist center, the city of Makarska.

To see full offer of our beautiful apartments and villas please visit : https://makarska-touristik.com/ and for more Gastronomic stories and restaurants suggestions, keep on following our website/facebook/instagram to keep up with news.

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