Zimska luka Osijek

Tomica Đukić
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Nice people, flat land, a stunning river and perfect food and drinks. This is what Osijek is remembered for and why people are always more than happy to come back. The recently renovated Hotel Osijek, which is also the city’s second tallest building, acts as one of the city’s landmarks. The hotel houses a restaurant, Zimska Luka, located at the heart of the pedestrian zone on the longest and most beautiful river promenade in Croatia. Both the hotel and the restaurant don’t stop pleasantly surprising their guest. Tomica Đukić, the official chef for the Croatian national football team, is the head chef here.

What does an average meal in Zimska Luka look like? Well, it’s above average. First things first, the river view itself almost beckons you to order a freshwater fish specialty. Everybody in the region will tell you that you’ll hardly have better zander anywhere else. This fish is most similar to sea fish, and it’s worshiped like an idol here. It's juicy and perfectly tender white meat goes great with wines made in Slavonia and Baranja. There aren’t that many places where you’ll find this many types of Welschriesling starting with Belje, which is the house wine, and all the way to Ilok, Erdut, Đakovo, Josić, Zdjelarević, Mihalj... It would take you an entire day to try all the local wines alone, although there are wines from around Croatia.

Now that we’ve brought out the subject of the sea, one of the most sought after dishes are - grilled sea bream. The seafood section of the menu is rounded off by the chef’s own personal masterpiece - squids stuffed with mozzarella baked in foil. Just picture the Adriatic Sea instead of Drava and that all there’s to it. If you’re a fan of stir-fried monkfish with vegetables. We should bear in mind that classic dishes are always listed on the menu so different pasta dishes need to be mentioned alongside risottos. All of their pasta is homemade in their own kitchen.

Zimska Luka is even more famous for its meat delicacies. The meat is predominantly supplied by local family farms. Slavonian soup with veal and oyster mushrooms is smash hit with veal shank being the number one dish, possibly due to how it’s arranged, the ingredients’ freshness or the idea itself. You’ll know why when you see it served. Finally, we’re coming to the part of this Slavonian story that deals with meat because lamb chops and renowned beefsteaks are next. Fabulous aged meat prepared just the way you like and served with any side dish that comes to your mind. Because the smiling and cheerful staff are here to pamper their guests.
To finish things off, there’s a wide array of local homemade desserts with the soufflé, cheesecake and 24 kinds of incredible homemade ice-cream deserving particular mention. Pleasant jazz, relaxing interior, celebrities that stay here all the time, peace and quiet. Zimska Luka in Hotel Osijek really is a place where you can unwind and have the best possible rest. See you in Osijek!

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 031/230-333

Web: www.hotelosijek.hr/hr/gastronomija/restoran

E-mail: info@hotelosijek.hr

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: from 11:30 AM till 12:00 AM

Region: Slavonia

Address: Šamačka 4; 31000 Osijek.

Capacity: 100

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

An ideal spot for a business meeting with great food, a family lunch during the weekend or a romantic dinner for two. Depending on your mood, restaurant Zimska Luka will give Slavonian culinary tradition, common everyday dishes or exotic specialties for your family or business partners. Aside from top-notch service and a wide range of dishes, you will also have at your disposal wines from a rich wine collection of carefully selected Croatian producers. The scene of the bustling Drava river port and promenade will make you want to come back.
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