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In the very center of mining town of Labin on the marketplace of the old town is a tavern of beautiful stone. It is a gentle and fine refuge situated in the basement of a building (with a separate restaurant on one floor and a cafe on the highest floor). There is the wonderful smell of wood from the fireplace and of truffles, but the first thing that catches the eye is the beautiful chandelier, which gives the place an additional dose of a warm, family feeling.

The menu is made up of a large selection of warm and cold appetizers from all parts of Istria, for example, pasutice (wide noodles) with cod, a sauce of Istrian sausage with vegetables and homemade pljukanci (small hand-rolled pieces of pasta), shoulder of venison with a sauce of merlot and mushrooms, and beef žgvacet (goulash) with pasta.

We tip our cap to the outstanding selection of olive oils that are a brilliant accompaniment to all of the dishes of the kitchen, except that we did not put them just in the cake; we also added them to the tasty pumpkin soup, the seasonal hit of Velo Kafe.

The menu is based on the seasons, so there is a summer menu and a winter menu. The summer menu is lighter, with more salads and lighter pastas and risotto, while the current winter menu is heavier and with richer sauces. According to the staff, the specialties of the house are: "The Colors of Autumn" – aged beef rump steak with potatoes and mushrooms – and a buzara of small domestic scampi (don't forget that the sea is only a few kilometers down the hill).

Velo Kafe also emphasizes many courses with fish, squid baked in foil, and angler fish au gratin with truffles, but the accent is definitely on meat. Veal ispod peke, octopus, mixed meat, you can get all of this at Velo Kafe. But what you should not miss is the specialty of the house: ombolo and sausage in white wine with sauerkraut and potatoes. A quality selection of local wines accompanies each course, while the only coffee shop in town, on the top floor, is rightly proud of its outstanding coffee.

The staff are also proud of their desserts, including fig cake or ice cream made from yogurt from a home recipe, while of course, the most interesting thing is to try the local coffee. We won't give you the details. Try it yourself!
This is the best of Labin. Velo Kafe is definitely more than the usual restaurant.

Author of photography: Duško Marušić/Pixsell

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 052/852-745



Working hours: Monday, Thursday, Sunday: 11:00 -24:00 h,
Friday, Saturday: 11:00 - 01:00 h

Region: Istria

Address: Titov trg 12; 52 220 Labin

Capacity: 80

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

The Velo Kafe coffee house-restaurant in Labin has been operating since December 2005. It is located on the marketplace of the old town of Labin. Here you can sample the specialties of Labin cuisine, such as traditional Istrian pastas, pljukanci, sausages and ombolo, or meat and fish specialties, dishes pod pekom and the Labin dessert known as krafe (a small filled pastry)
Velo Kafe is known for producing its own sweets, cakes and ice cream. You should certainly visit Velo Kafe and enjoy the pleasant ambience of the restaurant, in the winter next to the stove, and in the summer on the terrace with its beautiful of the old town square.
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