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Josip Žarkov
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Actually you’re in the city centre, but you don’t feel all the tourist commotion. A quite terrace where there’s no hustle and bustle nor too many passers-by, which is no mean feat when the tourist season is in full swing. The object itself has existed since 2001 and the current crew took over in 2016 and created a tavern without clichées where you won’t get crepes, shellfish or octopus salad. The only place in Primošten open throughout the season owes its fame to the fact that they’re completely honest with their guests. And hats off because of that.

Given that this is a family-run restaurant after all with Josip Žarkov as the chef and his wife Magdalena is his boss, “Tereza” was named after their youngest daughter. In a nutshell, this can be described as a Dalmatian tavern with countless tiny personal details such as a wood-fired oven, coins in the wall and barrels

The menu is changed every year and there’s a winter and summer version respectively. The menu contains as much as ten starters and we recommend homemade gnocchi with prawns. The gnocchi are handmade, while the sauce is thick and thorough. Tasty, piquant, full and complex. The food is immediately served with homemade olive oil and you also get Babić Perkov wine they make themselves. The wine list is constantly altered. In addition to Korlat from before, Petrač and Benvenuti have been included as of this year. Fish specialties are supplied by the local fishermen and tuna is obtained from known fishermen from Kali located on the nearby island of Ugljan.

We were recommended to have Maraština Sladić with the monkfish in scallion and saffron sauce. We should mention the house specialty, swordfish fillet in white wine and green pepper sauce. Meat dishes prepared on an open wood grill are served on a board. The favourite is “Rock me baby”, pork neck bred in Croatia served with potatoes with butter and local herbs. The house Babić is excellently paired with this simple dish that reflects the tavern’s philosophy in the best way possible - “You’ll get to eat what we love, no fuss and the most important things are great food and wine!” Casual, simple and without any tensions.

Venison stew cooked with red wine, laurel and rosemary is one of the most popular dishes because guests are eager to have dishes they can eat with their spoons. A good reputation travels far by word of mouth. Given that a great atmosphere is guaranteed here, there’s no winter at “Tereza”. The owner’s mother grows vegetables in her garden in the hinterland just eight kilometres away from Primošten, which can be felt you enjoy your šalša sauce.

Come dessert time, you can choose from delicacies made by the owner Magdalena Žarkov. Pistachio baklava, “slatki škartoc”, where peaches and plums are baked in foil, poured over with blueberry liqueur, vanilla ice cream and decorated with basil. You don’t want to miss out on fresh fig muffins with Mascarpone cheese and vanilla or the chocolate orange cake. They’re truly something else!

When you love what you do, your enjoy doing it. “We want people to feel comfortable in my homeland, town and restaurant. As long as we do it like that, we’re all happy!” When people like that man the kitchen, you know you can’t leave “Tereza” with an empty stomach.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 091/515-2823

E-mail: megizarkov@gmail.com

Working hours: October 1th - June 1th 
MON - FRI 16:00-22:00
SAT - SUN 12:00-22:00

June 1th - October 1th
Every day 12:00-23:00

Region: Dalmatia-Šibenik

Address: Grgura Ninskog 1 A, 22202, Primošten

Capacity: 130

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

The stunning Primošten peninsula is a dream come true for every photographer and a mecca for couples in love. It’s a wonderful story in its own right, but the gourmet section of this town in central Dalmatia has a trick up its sleeve in the mainland. One of them is definitely tavern “Tereza”, which is located just a minute’s walk from the entrance to the peninsula. It’s decorated in stone and wood with a lovely lower and an even better upper section reminiscent of a mountain chalet of days long gone, and its terrace is what makes is so popular. The sea is within arm’s reach, but guests really appreciate the fact that they can enjoy their privacy.

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