Stara Preša

Biserka Jakševac
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The village restaurant of Stara Preša is located in Šenkovac, about 30 kilometers from Zagreb, right on the border with Slovenia near the Harmica border crossing. The Jakševac family rolled up its sleeves and today, instead of a neglected swamp, they have a beautiful property that includes a restaurant and wine cellar that are ideal for baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, divorces, tastings, and seminars.

Their offer is comprised of authentic specialties that are prepared according to old family recipes: Zagorje soup, štrukli soup, turkey with mlinci, roast duck, veal hocks, stuffed breast of veal, dishes ispod peka, stuffed chicken, roast pork, spit-roasted lamb and pig, salamis from wild game, homemade sausages and cheeses, baked Zagorje štrukli, apples in a wrapping, and various strudels.

Seasonal offers include: venison goulash with homemade gnocchi, ham hocks with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, homemade blood sausage, garlic sausage, prezvuršt (head cheese), and krpice sa zeljem (a pasta with cabbage). In short, just about everything.

We started the day with quality rakijas in the beautiful interior with square tables and old clocks, a radio and small curtains. Already with the appetizer, it was obvious that it was going to be too much because the portions are huge and filling. Cheese and cream is the foundation, but bacon, ham and horseradish provide good support. The ham is especially tempting, somehow "fluffy," moist and juicy, while the homemade horseradish is a fine accompaniment with every dish.
Three soups tell their own story, rather rarely of mushrooms, classic Zagorje, and surprisingly from štrukli. And then comes the bacchanalia. Homemade breaded chicken thighs, after which you will think that in America they are breading crickets and not chicken.

Lamb roasted bone-in on the spit, with a fantastic lemon marinade of lemon. At the end, the best veal shank ever.
The wine offer includes opened domestic wines: riesling, sauvignon, chardonnay, pinot gris, portugizac (portugieser) and muscat. Silvaner is a wise choice despite the hints of sugar at the end, while crnjak is reserved for those who like the acidity of Zagorje wines.

Desserts are a special story, and it is enough to come all the way from Zagreb only for them. The gigantic dumpling filled with plums and the apples in a wrapping are a wonder. Autumn is in full swing, walnuts and apples on the ground, a donkey and a Minnesota mini-pig that eat from your hand, and do not object to having their picture taken (they may nip at you a little, but so what), peace, solitude, nature as it never was. And a bungalow to sleep over if you have had too much gemischte.

Stara Preša is a "must have" story after a difficult day at the office and definitely for a sunny, or any other kind of free, weekend. A recommendation from the depth of a satisfied and happy soul and body.

Author of photography: Davor Puklavec/Pixsell

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Contact number: 01/3391 129



Working hours: Monday-Sunday: 11:00 - 23:00 h

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Ivana Turka 50, 10292 Šenkovec

Capacity: 80

Price range: less than 100 kn

Restaurant description:

A small family restaurant located in Šenkovac, about 30 kilometers from Zagreb. On an area of 17,000 square meters there is a restaurant with seating for 80 people, a wine cellar with seating for 110, and several cottages and terraces with seating for 90 people.

A small vineyard, a children's playground, a small farm with domesticated animals (ducks, geese, chickens, rabbits, Veseljko the donkey and Babe the piglet), two lakes.

It offers homemade continental food from Zagorje, such as turkey or duck with mlinci, spit-roasted ham hocks, veal shank ispod peke, homemade cheese, dried meat products, pumpkin soups, and forest mushrooms.

The wine offer includes opened domestic wines (silvaner, sauvignon, muscat, and frankovka) and about 80 labels of bottled wines from Croatian vineyards and domestic rakijas.
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