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Josip Zore
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On a hill overlooking the royal city of Knin, the Tvrđava Restaurant is situated. Although you should walk up a little bit to the top of the hill, the view is beautiful, and our advice to you is to sit immediately at the neat terrace, although the predominantly white stone interior is quite pleasant as well.

After a long pause and renovation activities along with the change in the ownership structure, the restaurant, opened earlier this spring, has a sufficiently large selection of dishes to satisfy both the local guests and many foreigners who come primarily to see this beautiful monument.

The menu of the Tvrđava plays it safe and aims to have something for everybody, from the playful little children to the most demanding guests. Among the classical starters, we should definitely select bellows cheese. This epochal, incredible, intense and aromatic specialty of the Dalmatian Hinterland, originated from the domestic sheep’s milk and is the best way to experience this region. We got the cheese sliced in cubes and sprinkled with olive oil on a sheet of lettuce, with homemade bread as well as homemade, freshly-made pasta, the specialty of the Tvrđava. White wine of the house, Maraština Knežević from Oklaj, a place located about ten kilometres away, with its freshness excellently matches this cheese flavoured bomb.

Steaks are supplied from butchers in the area, and as for other meat, people in the Tvrđava are proud of the lamb leg and smoked sirloin, which, as we learned, are smoked by the chef’s parents in their house. All the meat comes from farmers from the surrounding area. Among main courses, you can also order squids and trout made in two ways.
There are two types of soup in the restaurant, classical tomato soup and meat soup. Asked why it is noted as meat soup, they explained that the soup is always better when different meat is put in it, and today’s soup in the menu was beef-and-lamb soup. Rating – pure five, true taste of meat, small pieces and al dente homemade noodles. The main course on chef’s recommendation was fresh beef steak supplied a day before, served with grilled vegetables. Fine, young, fresh, plentiful and highly commendable. With it, we enjoyed Knežević Merlot, coming from the same winery as Maraština.

For dessert, you can relish pancakes made in several ways, ice cream and a daily cake. We happened to run into a raspberry pie, a beautifully designed cake with more than correct taste, as a point in this really comfortable and beautiful place. Try to catch a sunny day, and in combination with the breeze and a walk from the centre of Knin, you can expect a very nice culinary experience based on the mysterious and completely neglected bellows cheese. Hats Off!

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: +385 95 5141 274



Working hours: Monday - Sunday
09h-24h (kitchen 11h-23h)

Region: Dalmatia-Šibenik

Address: Marunova 1, 22300 Knin

Capacity: 130

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

We try to serve homegrown food.
Seasonal menu