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Boško Lonac
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It is an art to prepare a juicy meal from dried fish, especially when it’s raw. Yet the tartare of sea bass, one of the driest of first class sea fishes, in the Dubrovnik Proto restaurant is exceptionally juicy. Gently seasoned, so that nothing dominates the taste of the fish, with very little, almost no salt. Salt is always on the table so it can be ground, if someone wants it. If there is too much in the food, there is no help, they say in Proto.

Also delicate are the fettuccine pasta with shrimp tails and black Istrian truffles despite this food’s distinct aroma and flavour. These two dishes are also part of the ‘Proto’ fish menu of six courses that also consists of fillets of white fish either grilled or steamed, a sweet symphony, a selection of Croatian cheeses and Dubrovnik delicacies. And coffee follows as the seventh course. It isn’t cheap, but if each dish is ordered separately, it would be twice as expensive.

The selection of fish and seafood is excellent, which is expected for a restaurant several metres from Stradun, in Široka Ulica (Wide Street), which isn’t called such without reason, so inside it isn’t as stuffy at the tables as it can be in those narrower. It also has, one could say, a hidden airy terrace with a lovely bar to which stairs from the restaurant lead.

Amongst the starters are oysters at quite an affordable price. Fish are grilled and salted, steamed, seafood also fried, and amongst the soups they have classic fish, seafood, tomato and carrot strips, celery and potato, and cream of crab soup. The choice of fish dishes depends primarily on the daily catch of the local fishermen. Also on offer is Elaphiti fish stew with polenta. Once a poor man’s dish, these fish stews (brudeti) today, from the kitchens of good chefs, are a distinctive and expensive speciality throughout the Adriatic coast.

Proto is not only a fish restaurant. It offers duck breast, beef entrecôte, in other words a rib-eye steak, beef tenderloin, lamb chops and so on. The selection of local, as well as well-known desserts is nice, and highly commendable is the parfait of hazelnuts, which is reminiscent of the very best ice cream.

The wine list covers all Croatian regions and all the well-known sorts, and there also some world famous ones. Some of our, otherwise very expensive, sweet wines have an excellent price, just slightly more than in the shops.

Author of photography: Grgo Jelavić/Pixsell

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Contact number: 020/32 32 34



Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

NOTE: Restauran is closed until spring 2018

Region: Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address: Široka ul. 1; 20000 Dubrovnik

Capacity: 160

Price range: more than 300kn

Restaurant description:

The Proto fish restaurant in the central part of the monumental heart of Dubrovnik, at the crossroads of Široka Ulica and Vara, was established in 1886. The long tradition of this cult Dubrovnik restaurant is the guarantee of its reputation and enduring quality, based on the superb preparation of the most diverse seafood, as well as meat specialities.
The Proto fish restaurant is proud of its tradition, particularly its important visitors. Amongst them were British King Edward VIII and his future wife Wallis Simpson, as well as many musical and acting stars. The Proto Restaurant is an unmissable gastronomic destination that follows the development of trends with the constant innovation of its offer in order to satisfy the tastes of its visitors from all over the world.

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Recommendation MICHELIN Guide 2018
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