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Danijela Pifar i Bojan Vuković
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A few kilometres of gravel road will for a moment give you a fright that you got lost, but then after taking just one turn you’ll instantaneously fall in love with a 12-hectare state-of-the-art hacienda which, to put it simply, blends perfectly with its surroundings. The stone exterior is made in a traditional style, whereas the restaurant located inside takes you to whole nother level. The fireplace, sofas and armchairs give the impression of a heavenly living room.

Befitting a place of this standard, you’ll be surrounded by a legion of amiable, well-mannered and refined waiters. Four kinds of olive oil made from Buza, Bjelica, Leccino and Rosulja olive types to be more precise are placed on your table in the blink of an eye. You’ll relish their taste, especially bearing in mind that just a few moments ago you walked past the olive trees bearing fruits used to obtain this nectar of the gods.

Of course, Meneghetti wines are an absolute must. Their story begins in vineyards surrounding Buje and close to Bale (the restaurant overlooks the vineyards!) and at Croatia’s far south in the vicinity of Dubrovnik in cooperation with the Glavić family. But the bulk of the action takes place at the stancija (countryside estate) itself where guests can enjoy not only single varietal wines, but also the blended flavours and scents of coupage. Naturally, wines from all corners of the world are represented, but emphasis is placed on domestic varieties. What sets the menu at Restaurant Meneghetti apart is the fact that it has been created by chefs Bojan Vuković i Danijela Pifar. Interesting, cheerful and intriguing plates make good use of fresh domestic ingredients and form new delicious combinations.

So to kick things off you can have sea foam, capesante carpaccio, pea cream, chive, parsley and trout caviar on a single plate. Like the first dive into the breath-taking blue Adriatic. Sarde in saor with a crispy loaf of bread could very well be the catch of the day, but pljukanci (traditional Istrian thin pasta) with capesante win hands down. Pure marvel, ideally tough, iodine taste, delicious... Despite being just a couple of kilometres away from the sea, Meneghetti rightfully takes pride in steaks and meat in general.

Boasting a view of the vineyards, olive groves and red soil, the sea behind the hills, a swimming pools and relaxing deck chairs, Meneghetti rightfully tops the list of best vacation spots in Croatia. Coupled with exquisite food and pastries like a dark chocolate sphere filled with tonka paste and pear gel made by their confectioner Dragana Lovrić Kovačević, all of this will tempt you into always coming back to this beautiful old stancija. Cheers!

Author of photography: Duško Marušić/PIXSELL

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Contact number: 052/528-800



Working hours: Everyday 13:00-23:00

Region: Istria

Address: Stancija Menegeti 1; 52 211, Bale

Capacity: 70

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

The winery was the first to be founded deep in Istria’s interior, halfway between Rovinj and Pula and closer to Bale, followed by a wine hotel and a world-class restaurant. Meneghetti has acquired an unrivalled reputation by creating a synergy of nature and pure inspiration. Each dish can be accompanied with carefully blended wines and olive oils produced at the Meneghetti estate itself.

Awards and recognitions:

Meneghetti Restaurant has received numerous awards, but 15 points and two toques in Gault & Millau, one of the most influential restaurant guide, are especially worth mentioning. According to Le Liste, Meneghetti has recently been included in the list of 1,000 best restaurants in the world.
Recommended by Michelin guide 2018
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