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Damir Matijašević
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Restaurant Mediterraneo in Rovinj is owned by the renowned hotel Monte Mulini. The only problem you may be faced with is having trouble deciding on your first visit whether the dining experience is better during the day or night. A designer interior, precise, elegant yet not too aloof, with a view of the pool, the sea and the colourful forest across the bay, with the most beautiful roof we’ve ever seen - this image will stay with you for a long time.

Mediterraneo is a more subtle and affordable version of Wine Vault, another restaurant of the same owner. The latter specialises in fine dining in the evenings. The well-known Damir Matijašević works as a chef at both restaurants and his philosophy boils down to combining only the best local ingredients thereby bringing out the best in what the Mediterranean has to offer. The menu is planned out once a year. It’s worth pointing out that there are always seasonal dishes such as asparagus or truffles which are recommended on a daily basis by the pleasant staff. Should they wish so, guest may have a look at the vault at any time and inspect any of the 320 wines selected by experts with Meneghetti, Kozlović, St. Hills and Korak being slightly more represented.

Damir Matijašević heartily recommended and brought a freshly caught Adriatic fish (common pandora) for us to see. While awaiting the fish, we enjoyed the stunning view of the sea and coast and had the fantastic buns served before the soup. The menu contains both fish and meat in equal amounts. We definitely recommend the skinless poached turbot, sous vide served with fregola sarda pasta (small toasted pasta balls with seafood sauce), sea bass fillet with buckwheat and summer vegetable “risotto”. The pasta is not made in the restaurant, but ordered from special suppliers from Rovinj.

The overarching aim here is to serve the best possible ingredients to the guest, the best of what they have at their disposal at the moment, for which they use the Japanese expression “omakase”. Genuine cuisine, perfectly prepared dishes, a concrete meal. Veal bržola together with the bone served with homemade cep cannelloni and parsley coulis was the meat recommendation of the day. The shrimp and leek soup was excellent, it was neither too sweet nor too thick as it often is, hats off.

The fish was roasted together with the bone, potato and caper pesto, sea asparagus and sautéed spinach. As far as the side dish goes, you have the tomato, courgette, peppers and olive fondue and sea asparagus with artichoke cream. Although the fish was phenomenally accompanied by Malvasia Festigia, the waiter recommended we pair it with Pinot noir Bolfan, which was a winning combination, too. An intriguing blend of Istria and the continent, a wholehearted recommendation.

At Mediterraneo they go to great lengths to obtain meat from the local butchers as much as possible, seafood is within an arm’s reach, while they do their very best to use fruits and vegetables stemming from Istria. Finally, you’re in for a wide dessert selection, red basil-flavoured Panna Cotta with strawberry compote, Monte Mulini cake (chocolate with a raspberry cream) and an apple and hazelnut tart. Sheer perfection.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 052/636-013



Working hours: Every day: 6:30 - 23:00

Region: Istria

Address: A. Smareglia 2 52210 Rovinj

Capacity: 0

Price range: 100-200kn

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Medeterraneo is the go-to place for tourists keen to try out something homemade, of high quality and traditional yet with a modern twist. A perfect view, educated staff, a wine list second to none - it’s high time you got to know Croatia in all its glory!

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