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Fine dining/conceptual
Marko Gajski
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Korčula is definitely worth spending several days exploring it by boat, by bike and on foot. You’ll get to meet phenomenal winemakers, eat food you didn’t even know it existed, but you’ll probably end up always coming back to one place. Lešić and Dimitri are the last names of the two families that built the palace located in the northern section of the old city’s promenade facing the Pelješac peninsula. Residents of Korčula used to call it the bishop’s palace because Vicentius Lessius, the most prominent member of the Lešić family, was the bishop of Krk and Rab. Palace Lešić Dimitri dates back to the 18th century and it has managed to preserve its original appearance after being carefully renovated by its British owner. Aside from just five impressive apartments (residences) within the palace, a lot of attention was paid to the kitchen and staff of restaurant Lešić Dimitri, which is beyond a shadow of a doubt the number one fine-dining restaurant on the island and one of the top 5 regionally. When the attention to detail and the way chef Marko Gajski chooses and combines the ingredients are matched with how great a job Dražen Matković does at pairing wines, you get an unforgettable experience.

The restaurant was opened in 2009 and at first they had visiting chefs under whose tutorage the menus’ contents and quality was ever increasing. Last year Marko Gajski took up the place of chef Toni Erceg. Marko Gajski is in his second season at LD and he is raising the bar indeed.

Mediterranean food with a twist and a special interpretation of Dalmatian cuisine is what LD’s philosophy boils down to. In layman’s words, this is phenomenally prepared, served fine dining paired with wines. If you’re looking for something like this, you should strive for this. Even though they have a diverse daily selection when in comes to breakfast and lunch at affordable prices, you should definitely try the dishes in courses, which have been prepared based on the daily offer of ingredients on an island abundant with fruit, vegetable, herbs and particularly fish. Each and every one of Marko Gajski’s dish is a phantasy in its own right. So let’s start our island story which takes place on the beautiful promenade right above the turquoise sea overlooking the Pelješac peninsula.

For starters, you’ll try four olive oil varieties from Korčula (Torkul) and Pelješac (Miloš) with homemade warm bread served with Millenium Tomac NV, one of the best Croatian sparkling wines from Plešivica. Deep-sea prawns lure you with their bright red colour, while the gentle chilli sauce was refreshed by Rose Galić 2016. We were recommended to have Grk Bire with the monkfish with truffles, asparagus and ricotta cheese, while the Pinot noir 2015 was perfectly paired with Casina rib eye steak wrapped around aromatic goat cheese from nearby Žrnovo on homemade ajvar. So far so good with detailed explanations provided by the excellently educated and eloquent staff who are more than willing to answer any question. You really feel worldly, taken care of and, most importantly, comfortable.

What’s now legendary Pošip Intrada 2016 by Luka Krajančić was ideally paired with the perfectly decorated LD “Komiža pogačica” served on stone and coarse sea salt. Interesting and modern variation of the original ''Komiža pogačica''. Pošip sur lie made by Luka Krajančić was just perfect with a foie gras fusion and toasted almonds slices, while the quail with quail egg yolk, gnudi and pear was perfectly paired with Babić Gracin 2015.

Finally, the light yet unforgettable dessert we got the “sea” - flourless orange and chocolate with caramel and sea salt paired with the Moskar 2015 dessert wine made by the Mrgudić winery from Pelješac.

This restaurant is the apex and what should be strived for, one of the best restaurants in Croatia’s islands. Reconstructions and deconstructions of Marko Gajski are a wonderful way to get to love Dalmatia and Croatia even more. We hope that soon you’ll also discover this foodies’ heaven on Earth and become a devoted fan of restaurant Lešić Dimitri. That’s exactly what we did.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 020/601-726

Web: www.ldpalace.com/

E-mail: reservations@ldrestaurant.com

Working hours: From March 29th - October 31th
MON - SUN: 8:00 - 00.00

Region: Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address: Don Pavla Poše 1-6, 20260 Korčula

Capacity: 30

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

Korčula is an island in central Dalmatia. It takes only 15 minutes on a ferry to reach is from the mainland and the ferries leave every hour. The first time you get on board and get a glimpse of the most beautiful colour of the sea you’ve ever seen, you’ll fall in love with this breath-taking place and its people. This love will only grow stronger once you try the specialties prepared in this heaven on Earth.

Awards and recognitions:

Recommendation Michelin Guide 2018
Michelin star 2020
Seasonal menu