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Goran Marunčić
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On its way towards the Adriatic Sea the Cetina river incised a beautiful canyon that many today use as a wonderful excursion place. Alongside all of that, the beautiful green colour of the river, the even darker green of the forest and the bleak mountain peaks, at the distance of only a few hundred metres there are two top-notch restaurants. The Radmanove Mlinice are slightly more distant along the road, whilst at four kilometres from Omiš there is the Kaštil Slanica Restaurant.

Advertised as the most beautiful place to get married in the wider surroundings, with room for up to 230 guests, when there are no weddings, this place is ideal to relax your soul and rest on the terrace that extends just a few metres above the beautiful Cetina river. The large fireplace is the most beautiful part of the interior, the fire is always burning, so a grilled dish is the first thing that comes to your mind.

However, when you open the menu and you see the sea and freshwater delicacies, you won’t know what to order. Fortunately, there are very experienced waiters who will read your mind and recommend meat or fish delicacies. Since the latter one includes frogs, eels, and local trout - the choice is quite simple. While you’re overlooking the turquoise-green river, freshwater specialties are the best choice.

Dishes can be ordered separately or on a platter, so if you wish to taste a little bit of everything, order the ‘Island of Love’ platter. Even if you are two men at the table, there will be no strange looks because it’s a beautiful islet in front of the restaurant. Classic fried frogs are a recommendation, as well as the specialty - frogs wrapped in a slice of prosciutto (you eat the frog separately first, then the prosciutto, then all together, and you eventually order another portion), and at the end - frog and eel brudet stew. It is ideal to dip in the bread and collect the last drop of the tasty tomato sauce. The eel is tasty, strong, the trout is even better. And to conclude we had probably the best rožata custard pudding in Dalmatia and beyond. Do not miss the excellent caramel, not bitter at all, and of a perfect texture.

Kaštil Slanica is an experience of the Dalmatian hinterland, only ten minutes from the sea. You will fall in love with the Cetina river, pleasant people, and fantastic, traditional, and well prepared food - a recommendation!

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 021/861-783

Web: www.radmanove-mlinice.hr/index.php/hr/kastil-slanica

E-mail: info@radmanove-mlinice.hr

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM ( Summer working hours )
Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM ( Winter working hours )

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Franje Josipa 1, Podašpilje Omiš (Kanjon rijeke Cetine)

Capacity: 230

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

The Kaštil Slanica Restaurant is a family restaurant with 25 years of tradition, situated in the heart of the Cetina river canyon. As part of centuries-old history of the canyon, it stands out with its exceptional ambience, and combines its culinary offer with the environment and history.

During the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries, in times when Omiš was ruled by the families of dukes Kačić and Šubić, Slanica was a safe haven for the famous Omiš pirates. After the 14th century, with the emersion of the powerful Ottoman Empire in the neighbourhood of Omiš and Poljica, a market was built up - a station for the trade of salt, primarily, between the people of Omiš and the Turkish, and this is where the name Slanica comes from (slano = salty). In the beautiful canyon of the karst beauty, the Cetina river, just four kilometres from its confluence with the sea, on the mediaeval ruins of the market, today’s Kaštil Slanica Restaurant was built, and the Slanica tower is a cultural monument from the 16th century.
You can reach the Kaštil Slanica Restaurant by car, on foot or by boat leaving next to the Omiš bridge.

In addition to the peace, beauty, and relaxation in the contrast of Mediterranean and the continent, the river and the sea, the Scirocco and Bora winds, the Kaštil Slanica offers homemade specialties, too. Just like the famous Omiš pirates, enjoy the dishes from Cetina (frogs, eels, trout), from the sea, and traditional local dishes such as bread and meat under the peka (iron lid), roast lamb, snails, soparnik savoury pie, and homemade fritule doughnuts.

A children’s playground is located next to the restaurant.

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