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Lidija Kralj
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One gastro stop on the road to the south has been a favorite for more than 25 years. A few kilometers after the border, when you turn toward Pelješac and next to a picturesque old stone tower right next to the sea is Kapetanova Kuća, a place that will remind you why you love the sea and everything from it.

The beautiful display of cakes, the atmosphere, and the aroma of the specialties from the kitchen will tickle your taste buds when you step into the kingdom of the Kralj family. In a house that a Captain of Ston visited during the time of the Dubrovnik Republic 50 seats are waiting for you in the winter months and that same number on the terrace in the summer.

Kapetanova Kuća proudly offers food that long ago was enjoyed by the dukes, commanders and nobles of Ston, and which today is enjoyed by many people from all parts of the world. The menu carries mostly Mali Ston specialties: fresh oysters, mussels, all types of clams (kunjke, vongole, and lupari), white and dark-fleshed fish, lobsters, fish salads, and homemade bread, all prepared by the chef, Lidija Kralj.

A fish paté comes as a starter, wonderfully served in a real shell, then a classic fish soup, and after that, whatever you desire from the extensive menu that emphasizes multi-colored pastas that they make themselves. For fish, you can get almost anything you want because the sea is only 10 meters away!

The specialty of the house is risotto "Kapetanova Kuća." Say good-bye to your clean fingers and shirt because once you have before you that wonderful seafood, swimming in the blackest cuttlefish ink, your hands, table and everything else around you will be soiled. How beautiful it is to take out of the pot mussels dappled with rice and some hidden bits of squid or shellfish. This is how kings and emperors ate, a supreme enjoyment, the sea in all its tastes and grandeur.

Ston cake is the queen of desserts, but the true focal point at Kapetanova Kuća is the cabinet with desserts, which are so beautiful that you simply have to order something to take away, even when you are already really full. The cake itself is succulent and filling, recognizable by the makarula, which is a specially formed dry pasta characteristic of the area. One last comment, children love classic crepes, and here there really are all kinds of them.

The extensive wine list is based on the Pelješac wineries, although there are also labels from Korčula and the rest of Croatia. It is really difficult not to fall in love with this beautiful place with a view of the sea and the Mediterranean greenery across the bay. Risotto of the century, Ston cake for eternal love, it is time for you to go to Kapetanova Kuća.

Author of photography: Grgo Jelavić/Pixsell

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Contact number: 020/754 264,

Web: www.ostrea.hr

E-mail: ostrea.info@ostrea.hr

Working hours: Winter: Monday-Sunday: 10:00 - 23:00 h
Summer: Monday-Sunday: 09:00 - 23:00 h

Region: Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address: Obala dr. Ante Starčevića 9; 20230 Mali Ston

Capacity: 50

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

The restaurant Kapetanova Kuća is owned by the Kralj family. It is located on the riva in Mali Ston in a house where the captain of the Mali Ston guard lived during the time of the Republic of Ragusa (or Dubrovnik Republic). For three decades it has attracted people who are well acquainted with Ston specialties and everyone else who wants to enjoy authentic Ston cuisine with a bottle of good Pelješac wine.

Whether you try the oysters, shellfish, crabs, black risotto, Ston makarule (a dish of meat and pasta), their own ecologically-grown agricultural products and the products of local sellers, you will learn about the contribution that the Kralj family has made to Croatian and international gastronomy since opening their restaurant in 1986.

The high quality offer, the historical and natural surroundings, and the professionalism and hospitality of the hosts guarantee the satisfaction of guests.
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