Jankovac Mountain Lodge

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In the restaurant of the Jankovac Mountain Lodge on Papuk, I was served a plate of wild boar steak in a mushroom sauce with homemade gnocchi and an onion ring filled with cranberry jam. The jam is a common “side dish” for dishes of large game, but is rarely imaginatively presented like this on the plate. This jam was excellent and quickly arrived on the table many times in increasing quantities.

To reach the restaurant famous for its wild game one needs a two-hour walk or half an hour’s drive down the 15 km or so long macadam road from Velika on the edge of the Požega Valley. The journey is slightly shorter if one starts from the other side, from Čačinaci, the district to which the whole area of the Jankovac forest-park belongs, a little piece of paradise within the Papuk Nature Park, which altogether could be called paradise.

The mountain lodge is in the centre of a spacious highland valley, 500 metres long and between 60-80 metres wide, into which the Jankovac stream via the 30-metre high Skakavac waterfall pours filling two beautiful artificial lakes where wild ducks swim, and crayfish walk along the bottom of. The whole area is arranged with buildings made from natural materials for a family visit.

The restaurant has a dining area with seating for 60 and a small terrace where it is hard to find a space. It is open every day, and the selection of food depends on what is available on the day. It is almost always possible to enjoy fresh trout, various bean dishes, wild game goulash or excellent Jankovac-style pancakes served with ice cream and fruits of the forest sauce.

It depends on the season whether there is pheasant soup, whether the venison ham or the mentioned wild boar steak will be served with a forest mushroom sauce, whilst in winter wild game meat also goes with pickled cabbage.
They serve wine from nearby Orahovica by the glass.

The beautiful nature and special atmosphere enhance the good impression of the dishes so that it is clear why it is difficult to find a space in the car park and why the dirt road to the Jankovac Mountain Lodge is probably the most used macadam road in Croatia.

Author of photography: Davor Javorović/PIXSELL

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Contact number: 033/ 8987 015

Web: portal.hrsume.hr/index.php/hr/turizam/nai-objekti/jankovac

E-mail: jelka.pavlovic@hrsume.hr

Working hours: Every day from 8 AM till 8 PM.

Region: Slavonia

Address: Zelena ul. 3 ; 33515 Orahovica

Capacity: 55

Price range: 100-200kn

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The Jankovac Mountain Lodge is situated on the slopes of Papuk, at an altitude of 475 metres. It is located in a beautiful forest meadow by a lake, surrounded by a beech wood. The Jankovac river has formed an unforgettable 28-metre high waterfall in the nearby canyon, a real tourist attraction which all lovers of untouched nature should see.
The restaurant is open all year round and offers various dishes from local foodstuffs of which the excellent trout should definitely be highlighted.
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