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If you are a sea lover, you will hardly find at any other place a more beautiful location, shade and a restaurant close to the beach than the Gusari Restaurant in beautiful Tučepi on the Makarska Riviera. Less than ten meters away from the incredibly clean and tidy beach with small pebbles, in the shade of pine trees and with a view of a high mountain in the hinterland, this restaurant is also an absolutely perfect representative of the traditional Croatian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Although its interior is minimalist, something between a tavern and a bistro, the Gusari is a serious restaurant whose winning jocker is a spacious terrace. If you book a table during the season, you are highly recommended to choose one of the three tables on the beach. An idyll...

The Gusari offers two daily meals, a classical farmer cuisine that the local elderly people used to eat: brujet (fish stew), stuffed peppers, gregada broth, veal, and lamb with peas. As for the regular offer, the most important thing to know here is that they use to the maximum whatever comes fresh from the sea and place it directly on the table. Meat is equally represented because of the diversity of guests, and the selection of meat dishes is mostly based on the veal, grilled lamb chops and steaks.

For the start, epochal mixed buzara comes to the table, fresh and fragrant, with thick sauce and freshly caught shrimps and warty venus (shells) and mussels. The white blend that proudly represents the house is a combination of Ugni Blanc, Maraština and Debit, fresh and awakening with a very small percentage of alcohol, and yet with high-quality body that wonderfully goes with the flavors and scents of the sea from the plate. We should certainly mention the great homemade bread with olives and their homemade olive oil. As for types of rakija – all the best as well!

The Gusari is a typical beach restaurant that has to produce in the fastest way a lot of food during the season, whereas in the rest of the year, it is dedicated to researching and creating new dishes and their pairing with superb local blends. Here, the local varieties as Bogdanuša, Maraština and Pošip are highly estimated, and as for the labels, here are the winemakers from the neighborhood or from the island as close as the view extends, like Senjković or Prović. With the main course, we got a sensation, Plavac Ivan Dolac 2016 from Hvar, complex and wonderful wine that firmly embraced boiled ray wing. The menu is credited to the co-owner and chef Toni Čobrnić, whose effort and creation have made the Gusari a beautiful hedonistic oasis a step away from the Adriatic Sea for years.

At the end, to make everything remain in the family business, beside Toni’s brother Leo who works at the bar, here is also their sister Matea, who makes cakes for the restaurant. Among a dozen of cakes that are interchanged on a daily and seasonal basis, we were delighted by the almond cake with strawberries. Juicy, tender, rich, full pleasure. We left the Split cake for the next time.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: +385 (0)21 623 085



Working hours: 12AM - 23PM

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Slatina ul. 38, Tučepi

Capacity: 160

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

The Gusari is a family restaurant with long tradition, and is a pride and tradition of Tučepi, a beautiful story in which diligent people present in the best way the masterpieces made mainly from their own resources and nearby family farms and markets. A trinity of a mountain, the sea and delicacies – just a perfect harmony! The Gusari is the place you will regularly return to. And now, it is time to jump into the sea...
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