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Mira Vuković
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Soft jazz is drifting from the loudspeakers, everything is brimming with sophistication and the smooth-spoken waiter with a ready smile is willing to talk not only about cooking, but just about everything. He was more than happy to talk us through the wines coming from all parts of Croatia. The policy at Gallo is not to overlook the biggest names, but at the same time they aim at highlighting wines that deserve praise.

Warm and cold starters are aplenty with seafood being more dominant. Various kinds of carpaccio, as well as a vast array of salads (with battered mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, fish fillet...) are stand-out dishes. Pasta is hand-made and we should recommend pennette, ravioli, gnocchi, black and white fuži (traditional Istrian pasta). There are several soups to choose from, but we recommend you try the all-natural, savoury and tender tomato soup. It’s as light as a feather and makes a perfect prelude to the specialty of the day - chef’s beefsteak with au gratin potatoes. Elegant, fluent and perfectly balanced. Naturally, there’s fresh fish which Gallo takes great pride in. Then you have shellfish, squids and lobsters as well as veal fillet and lamb chops. Quality and freshness of carefully selected ingredients are paramount with the menu always embracing seasonal ingredients.

The music changes into r'n’b and you can constantly enjoy the view of fresh flowers on the table, the kitchen separated only by glass and a fantastic detail - frying pans hanging from the ceiling playfully adorning the oval window into a transparent world of creation. Chilli parfait is a true specialty here and it’s really something else. There are about ten desserts, which is a lot. But this one is really fun.

The atmosphere, quality, comfort... this is what you’ll get if you visit Gallo Restaurant. Relishing tradition, a varied menu, delicious food and the best service around. Need you ask more?

Author of photography: Danijel Berković/PIXSELL

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 01/4814-014



Working hours: Monday- Sunday:12:00-24:00h

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Ulica Andrije Hebranga 34; 10 000 Zagreb

Capacity: 120

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

This popular spot in the middle of Zagreb’s Green Wave and just a few minutes away from the Croatian National Theatre has a nice and delicious story to tell which has been going on for about fifteen years. Be it for business or pleasure there’s not a single person who hasn’t walked into an always stylish and pleasant space adorned with arches, trophies, bottles of the best wines, paintings and drawings of old cities and pieces of contemporary art.

Awards and recognitions:

Recommended by Michelin guide 2018.
Included into the Luis Vuitton guide as an outstanding restaurant.
The only continental restaurant recommended and rated best by the US-based Frommer’s travel guide for Croatia.
Seasonal menu