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Thanks to its lakes, dense forests and picturesque mountains, Fužine is one of favorite holiday destinations and an essential stopover when you’re traveling from Zagreb to Rijeka. During the summer Fužine is the perfect place to get away from the heat. The town is also known for its New Year’s Eve festivities which take place at noon instead of midnight. Visitors flock to hotel and restaurant Bitoraj all year long. They do so primarily due to the fact that the lakes and forests provide wonderful ingredients used to prepare culinary sensations of local cuisine. Once you take the first stroll in the hotel’s spacious interior, you’ll notice the restaurant’s biggest passion - game animals. Hunting motifs dominate the space and the terrace overlooking the green vegetation just proves our point.

Homemade honey or fruit rakias, as well as the healing wormwood liqueur, will open your appetite for the dark red venison prosciutto which is attractively arranged on a platter together with Škripavac cheese, almonds, hot-sweet peppers and tiny black olive brimming with aromas. If you add in venison pâté, cheese with wild garlic and rucola pesto served as couvert with two types delicious homemade bread, then you’re bound to relish every last bite. The menu briefly mentions the wine list so you’ll need to ask the waiters, who will gladly help you or walk to the wine window, for more detailed information regarding the treasures of Croatian wineries.

Thick assorted mushrooms soup or horseradish soup with crunchy cheese are also worthy of trying. In addition to venison, bears and wild boars, the forest pantry of Gorski Kotar and its cuisine contains a whole range of tasty berries used by Bitoraj staff to prepare irresistible sauces served with dark meat. For example, marinated wild boar steak in cranberry sauce is considered by lovers of sweet-salty combinations to be one of the best delicacies. It goes great with homemade hunter’s gnocchi, croquettes or polenta. Boar meat is also baked under peka as are veal shanks and lamb. Bitoraj is a place where you can also have fried frog or have them prepared in green pepper sauce. You can taste different ways of preparing penny buns. If you save some room for desserts, which this restaurant is famous for, you can try homemade blueberry strudel or a sweeter version with wild berries. You can also choose from cremeschnitte or a local custard characteristic of Gorski Kotar with wild berries.

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Contact number: 051/835-019



Working hours: Monday - Sunday: from 11:00 AM till 11:00 PM

Region: Kvarner

Address: Ul. Sveti križ 1; 51322, Fužine

Capacity: 115

Price range: 100-200kn

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In addition to the well-known offer of autochthonous local and hunter’s specialties, a la carte Restaurant Bitoraj has expanded its menu by including dishes prepared over hearth fire. They prepare veal rump steaks, beefsteaks and game medallions (venison and wild boar) before your very eyes. Their menu contains numerous pasta dishes prepared to traditional recipes. They also cater to the needs of experienced foodies and also made the effort of including vegetarian meals in their menu.
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