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Situated next to the Split city centre, in a street teeming with wonderful flavours and aromas from dawn to dusk, in just a few square metres and 26 seats, decorated elegantly yet cheerfully, with drawings on the walls and classical music, Artičok has very quickly become a smash hit even outside Split-Dalmatia County.

The restaurant as such has been in existence for two years. Its young yet experienced chef Marin Radić is always here. Marin is an idiosyncratic man when it comes to both his appearance and visionary ideas. When it all started, this was a tapas bar headed by chef Elena Grassi (from “MasterChef Croatia) and they did some creative soul-searching by serving specialties from Asia, Chile and Croatia. Soon the owner changed the entire staff and brought in young chef Duje Kanaet together with his team and ideas who then took over and was given complete freedom.

There’s only one menu during the summer season with a few surprises every now and then, while the winter menu is changed more often according to seasonal ingredients. Everything starts with traditional cuisine. Split has recently been going through a tourist boom, people from all over the world are looking for strictly local food and wines so Artičok is all about representing autochthonous dishes of our grandparents. Every single dish is adapted to the modern interior and given a modern twist.

To get things going you can choose from a cheese, prosciutto platter, beef carpaccio or mackerel salad, which familiarise guests with the restaurant’s philosophy, while “dim i limun” (smoked swordfish and sea bass ceviche) and “škoj” in particular represent the apex of expression and playing with local ingredients. Shark saor, squid salad and prawn pâté with dehydrated cuttlefish ink are delicious treats stemming from the nearby Adriatic Sea, while beef stew with homemade gnocchi and two risottos make up the warm appetizer selection.

When it comes to meat main courses, you have the arm of lamb with homemade šalša sauce and potato salad, aged rib eye steak with Mediterranean butter, as well as the classic Dalmatian pašticada, while the roasted cuttlefish and fish “a la peka” are the seafood main courses. Tečada for two people is a truly unique specialty. This is a dish with the best seafood comprised of warty venus, white fish and shrimps. Pošip Nerica from Korčula is the frontrunner as far as serious bottled wines made in Croatia are concerned. The wine list includes about thirty wines with Dalmatia taking centre stage. But you can choose from wines from all around Croatia from Istria to Slavonia. Plavac Mali Bročka rič was served with beef shank pašticada, the superb sauce and Roman-style gnocchi and it did a phenomenal job at blending all the flavours and aromas.

Come dessert time, you should consult with the waiter as everything here is changed daily. The Split cake and tiramisu cake deconstruction are the most common recommendations and there were no disgruntled customers in this packed restaurant. Nothing will ever be the same again once you try the Split cake. A grandiose dessert made from perfect ingredients in an ideal ratio, one of the best Dalmatian desserts we’ve ever tried.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 095/670-0004



Working hours: MON - SAT: 9:00 - 00:00

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Ul. bana Josipa Jelačića 19, 21000, Split

Capacity: 0

Price range: 100-200kn

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The name Artičok entails several meanings: a Mediterranean plant, art refers to paintings and artwork in the interior, as well as the street art painted bar, while “čok” means “a morsel” in the local Dalmatian dialect. In a nutshell, this new, fresh, urban and delicious tale driven by energetic young people (they’re all about 30) is a perfect invitation to head to downtown Split and let yourself soak in the urban and pleasant atmosphere which there’s no lack of at Artičok. We had a blast.

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