Vina Belje

Hrvatsko Podunavlje

The mineral soil, the winds that dry out the vines and make sure that the grapes are not too hot, the Danube and Drava whose currents like natural barriers help storms to avoid the beautiful vineyards plus the skill and effort of the people responsible for the wines of the Select range of Belje. The white wines, Graševina and Chardonnay, are cared for in stainless steel so that in a bottle they stay fresh, and some of the reds, sorts are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Frankovka, were in large barrels made of Slavonian oak. All the wines of the Select range are characterised by the pleasant aroma and freshness of the sort.

The Premium Range in Belje are made of grapes from the sunniest rows in the best vineyards. Part of the grapes is pressed from whole berries, part after they crush the berries in a wine press, and part after maceration. The wines are cared for in a fine sediment in stainless steel containers. After this the whites mature in wooden barrels for six, whereas the reds between nine, months and a year. They mature for another six months in the bottle then they go on sale as mature, full and prepared for the finest dishes.

For the Goldberg Range the grapes are harvested in various phases of maturation only from the best vines cultivated on soil which does not have much humus. This is why the crop is smaller, but yields wines with more character. The white wines Goldberg, Graševina and Chardonnay mature for at least four months in wooden barrels. The Goldberg red wines, Merlot and Frankovka, mature in wooden barrels for 18 months. Then the wines from various little barrels are blended for 10 to 12 months in large barrels then they mature for another 10 months in the bottle.

Vina Belje, regardless of the range, are a reliable choice and demonstrate that Baranja bears the rightful name of “Vinska majka” (Mother of wines). In fact it is the translation of the word “bor anya” which is how the Hungarians call this beautiful Danube wine-growing area.

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Working hours: Monday-Sunday: 10:00-17:00h

Region Slavonia

Address Glavna ul., 31309, Kneževi Vinogradi


Vina Belje are the largest Croatian producer of grapes with 650 hectares of their own vineyards that are located in the Branja wine-growing area, inside the winemaking region of Podunavlje. Vina Belje is proud with more than three centuries of tradition in winegrowing and viticulture. The story of Vina Belje’s quality starts right from the vineyards which stretch along the southern slopes of Banovo Brdo and with their locations are protected from the strong north winds. The vineyards are in an ideal location for the cultivation of wines that are cared for by experienced wine-growers look after the vines all year round because in Belje they believe that the wines are created in the vineyard.

The grapes that make the premium wines come exclusively from their own vineyards and after hand-picking they are delivered to the winery which is located in the heart of the vineyards. The complex extends over three hectares, inside which there is also one of the most modern wineries in this part of Europe, a capacity of 8 million litres of wine and consists of 247 stainless steel tanks and extends over more than 10,000 m2. This modern technology has, in fact, introduced new momentum in Vina Belje’s production amongst which the excellent qualities of its Graševina and Merlot stand out.
The selected wines mature in an old cellar, exclusively in barrels of Slavonian oak whose overall volume is greater than 300,000 litres. The old cellar is the largest Baranja “gator” and is a protected cultural monument dating back to 1526. The old cellar was mentioned for the first time in 1526 when the army of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent used it in preparations for the Battle of Mohács.

A complete selection of the best wines comes from the Belje winery, divided into three categories: Vina Belje Select, Premium and Vina Belje Goldberg. The Select wines are produced from the carefully selected and hand-picked grapes from many young vineyards, the white wines are cared for in stainless steel, whilst some of the red wines mature for six months in large barrels of Slavonian oak, and some in stainless steel and are blended before being bottled. The results are Graševina, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Frankovka, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and all of them have pleasant aromas of their sort, a freshness and minerality.
The Premium wines are made from grapes from the sunniest rows in the best vineyards, then they are cared for in a fine sediment in stainless steel containers and then the whites mature for 6 months in wooden barrels, whilst the reds mature between 9 and 12 months. After that a further six months maturing in bottles, and as a result, the premium variants of Belje wines are obtained.

Vina Belje Goldberg are produced from the hand-picked grapes at various phases of ageing. They are chosen from the best vines where the soil does not have a lot of humus, and so the crop is smaller but yields wines with more character.