Vedran Kiridžija family agricultural farm

Srednja i Južna Dalmacija

“The old vine does not feel the drought”, proudly says Vedran Kiridžija, the vintner of Pelješac, whose Dingač is amongst the best Croatian red wines. He is lucky that he has an excellent sort of Plavac Mali in an excellent location, he says, supervising the vineyards three summer months only from the sea and with no need to for spraying.

An ex-seaman, in 1987 Kiridžija said goodbye to sailing and dedicated himself to the grapevine. He has about 20,000 vines, half Dingač, and half “on the field”, as they call the terrain of the interior of Pelješac. For him, Dingač is, of course, the best wine, whilst his second label is Tajano, which is an old Pelješac title for the wines from Plavac in which the grapes of Dingač and from the field are mixed, and the third is Plavac, from just the grapes from the field.

With his friend, oenologist and colleague the vintner Dr. Leo Gracin, assistant professor at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, he also makes the excellent wine Kontra. This is a unique project in which each partner gives 50% of the wine, Kiridžija Dingač, and Gracin his equally famous Babić Suha Punta.

Due to the mixing of grapes from different wine-growing areas, the wine cannot be given a mark of quality or premium wine but can be declared as table. Nevertheless, it is extraordinary.

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Contact number 098/9767 811


Working hours: Visit is possible only with reservation.

Region Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address Potomje 40; 20244 Potomje, Pelješac


For centuries the Kiridžija family has cultivated grapevines and produced wine. Vedran Kiridžija has continued the centuries-old tradition and since 1995 has produced his own wine label.

The family has vineyards in the best positions of the Dingač terrain and in the area of Pelješka Župa. The average age of the vines is 25 years. The wine is made exclusively from his grapes under the motto: “The wine is made in the vineyard, and perfected in the wine cellar which dates back to the period of the Dubrovnik Republic.”

- Dingač 2009
- Plavac Mali 2012
- Plavac Mali Tajano 2010
- Kontra 2010 (Vedran Kiridžija and Suha Punta)