Štampar Winery

Zagorje – Međimurje

The unique terroir of the Međimurje hills, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and roads is suitable for the growing numerous wine varieties, so it is not surprising that the Štampar family offers as many as 8 labels of white wine, one red blend, 3 predicate wines, and since 2013, two sparkling wines.

Wines produced from indigenous Moslavac, which were successfully promoted by the winemakers from Međimurje under a single brand Pušipel, are particularly prominent.
Pušipel is filled in a unique bottle with an elegant long neck reminiscent of Burgundy, and the Štampar’s Pušipel classic of 2018 vintage won the silver medal at this year's Decanter. Pušipel classic is wine of a vivid yellow-greenish color, herbal and floral fragrance with long lasting flavor of yellow fruits, especially citrus and hints of minerality in the aftertaste. Rounded and balanced, this wine surprises with its delicious sour-sweet taste that can finely be paired with meals of white meat, lamb, pasta with cheese-based sauces, various risottos, and even fish.

They also produce the Urban White, breezy and fresh extra brut sparkling wine from moslavac with the classical method of fermentation in the bottle. Many small bubbles emphasise the delicate scent and a harmonious taste which are best enjoyed with oysters or quiche.

In addition to Pušipel, Međimurje is known for great Sauvignons, which was recognised by Decanter evaluators who rewarded Štampar Sauvignon vintage 2016 with bronze. Light wine, but one with extremely rich, seductive scent of lime, green pepper and elderflower is the real summer wine suitable for light meals.

Main dishes like beef steaks, venison, roast duck or goose are perfectly paired with Urban Red, the red blend of Gamay and Cabernet Sauvignon. It has intense dark red colour, strong alcohol and fruit aromas, and matures one year in wood, so fruity-herbal aromas intertwine with notes of smoke.

For the end of a meal, Pušipel Prestige ice wine is a choice that everybody should definitely try with the renowned Međimurje gibanica: this extremely sweet wine (more than 60g/l residual sugar), harvested and processed at -9°C in 2007 is in great form as is best evidenced by the presence of delicate tertiary aromas. Prestige is distinguished with a unique combination of high alcohols, rich extract, noticeable acids and accented sweetness – everything that is expected from dessert wine with aging potential.

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A basement where the story of Međimurje wines of the Štampar family, who took over the winery in the mid 1920s, began was built more than a century ago. From the initial 3,000 vines and old Croatian oak press, the Štampar family today grows grapes on a 10-hectare vineyard, elevated 300 meters above the sea level at a point where the gentle hills of Međimurje and Ljutomer-Jerusalem hills meet, among which the position of Mađerka’s Hill stands out.
The winery is one of the initiators of the Urbanovo Wine Festival and Mlado Međimurje (Young Međimurje), a project for revitalisation of Moslavac authentic variety under the Pušipel brand and presentation of young wines.