Škaulj family agricultural farm

Srednja i Južna Dalmacija

The favourable climate and fertile land have largely influenced the development of grapevines in Zadar County. Produced here most are red wines, which with their colour and refined tastes perfectly complement Dalmatian specialities.

The best-known wines come from Benkovac, where the Škaulj winery is that consists of 11.5 hectares of vine plantations where around 30 waggons of grapes are picked each year, giving around 200,000 bottles of premium wines. Their palate of products consists of six wines, of which four are red (two premium, two quality), one white and one premium dessert wine. These are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Couvee Tomislav, named after their son Tomislav, and Maraština, which is produced from one of the best-known white sorts of grapes in southern Dalmatia. The wines are processed under the strictest ecological standards of production wherein every bottle carries an eco-label.

The best known of all the Škaulj family’s wines is Cabernet Sauvignon, of which they are particularly proud. This wine is one of the first premium wines in Zadar County that delighted a royal couple from Sweden. Their wines are also the official wines of the European Parliament.
Within the wine cellar there is also a tasting room for fifty people which is the perfect place for investigating their wines and socialising with friends.

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Contact number 023/663-148, 091/389-1421

Web www.vinarija-skaulj.hr

E-mail sime.skaulj@zd.t-com.hr

Working hours: Every day from 8:00 to 22:00 h - with prior notice

Region Dalmatia-Zadar

Address Nadin 23; 23 420 Benkovac


The Škaulj family agricultural farm is located in Nadin situated in the heart of Ravni Kotari, where it has also been registered for twenty years. The owner Šime Škaulj works with family members and an oenologist who constantly follows their work.

At the start of registration the family farm dealt exclusively with viticulture, however with the knowledge that they inherited and training at various seminars they began to produce top raw materials for great wines. Cabernet Sauvignon is regarded as an excellent wine, and at the same time it was the first premium wine to be produced in Zadar County. In 2009, they began with the construction of a winery with a processing capacity of 400,000 kilogrammes of grapes. Alongside the good conditions and expertise in the production of wine, they achieve excellent wines, which have even been recognised on a global level.

In 2012 in London at a contest between 14,700 contestants, they won a silver medal for their Cabernet Sauvignon wine.
Their palate of products consists of six wines, of which four are red (two premium, two quality), one white and one premium dessert wine. Their products carry an eco-stamp. With the gradual rise of new plantations they built a tasting room within the winery. The dedicated work and love of what they do are leading them to their goal – to be amongst the best.