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Rožanić winemaker can sound a bit like an enthusiastic poet while describing his wine production and love of vine and perfect grapes. The philosophy of organic production is what the main focus of Roxanich winery is on because Mladen Rožanić puts great value on the correlation between man and nature and a wine production with a minimal influence of technology.

After his many travels across wine regions of the world, socializing with numerous wine experts and impressions brought from the French valley of the river Rhone, he decided to create his own wine oasis in Istria following his perfectionist attitude. Near Višnjan, at the localities of Bačva and Bušure, on the exclusively red soil rich in iron oxides and calcium carbonates, which give the wines the perfect character, there are wonderful white and red sorts growing. The white sorts include Malvasia, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon and Muscat, and the red include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teran, Refosk, Burgundy and just a bit of Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir.

Well-known characteristics of Roxanich wines are long maceration, three-year-long maturation of wines in oak barrels which are treated exclusively with beeswax and aging in bottles from three to six months.

Roxanich wine cellar has chosen its path in its presentation, mainly at wine festivals with similar or equal vinification as the Orange wine, RAW wine festival or Vini Veri…

The winery had a status of the most awarded wine cellar of VinIstra in all of its history at the time, and their Merlot got the gold medal in 2006 at the world Merlot competition. Nowadays, the Roxanich winery prides on excellent grades by prestigious magazines such as Eno&Gastro which, while publishing articles on natural wines, took the wines/bottles on the market and graded them through the so-called blind-tasting. It is precisely in such tastings that the winery has received great results and won over some world renowned cellars and their considerably more expensive wines such as Vinum wines, Dossier Naturwein.

Roxanich wine cellar started a line of younger natural wines a few years ago, called Prve Rože (the first roses) and it all started with little Malvasia, Rožica (little rose) and Porco Rosso. Recently, three more wines from the Prva Roža line came out; 2015 Draga Pinot Blanc, 2015 Mirna Sauvignon Blanc and 2013 Sorelle Chardonnay.

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Region Istria

Address Kosinožići 26; 52446 Nova Vas


For a long time, there was love for wine in Mladen Rožanić's heart, turning into quite a passion about fifteen years ago. In the valley of Rhone river, he collaborated and socialized with respectable French vine growers and winemakers. This is when he had a vision of a wine dream in his home region of Istria. After many years of travelling and numerous visits to world's most famous wine regions, where he gathered the precious knowledge, Mladen decided to commit to vine growing and winemaking.

First he started searching for Istria’s most suitable terrains where he would plant the vines. In four years, 56 acres of vineyards were set up in the localities of Bačva and Bušure. This is a west Istrian vine growing region, an area that is geologically and climate-wise ideal for vine growing. In addition, a wine cellar with the surface area of 900 square metres was built in Kosinožići.