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Srednja i Južna Dalmacija

This agricultural cooperative was named after the grandmother of brothers Jakša and Mario Krajančić: Nerica’s face wearing a crown on her head, surrounded with grapevines is the winery’s trademark and is featured on all of their labels. It also symbolises hard-working Dalmatian women who toiled in the fields and vineyards, in addition to taking care of their households.
Fifteen years ago, the older brother Jakša decided he was tired of the family bakery business so he swapped dessert making for working in the vineyard and cellar that was already being used for winemaking, but the wines were primarily for personal consumption. Jakša took his work seriously and hired oenologist Igor Radovanović and bought the necessary machines from his more famous relative Luka Krajančić, who’s also a winemaker from Korčula and a poet. Moreover, his younger brother Matija, who graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy in the meantime, followed in his footsteps.
The adventure turned out to be a success because this year, at the proposal of sommelier Siniša Lasan, they sent their wines to be evaluated at one of the world’s most prestigious competitions - Decanter World Wine Awards in London, where they won Korčula’s very first gold medal for Pošip Nerica vintage 2016, while another Pošip from the Mindel position, vintage 2015 won the bronze medal.
Having a full body and balanced acids, Pošip Nerica won the panelists over with its freshness it owes to cold processing and aging in inox while carefully monitoring the fermentation process. Notwithstanding its captivating lightness, Nerica is a complex wine with pronounced primary aromas. Apart from the fruity notes, you can especially feel the almond, while the smell of island herbs and grass surrounding the vineyard harmoniously complement the overall impression. Cottage cheese and white fish definitely make the best choice with Pošip Nerica.
Pošip Mindel is a separate story. It’s made only in the best years from carefully selected grapes originating from the eponymous position on the eastern slopes of Čara Valley in the island of Korčula. Mindel’s journey kicks off with an eight-hour maceration, followed by a one-year rest on fine sediments applying the sur lie method in 1000-litre Slavonian oakwood barrels made in Italy. After that, it spends six months in an inox container followed by three months in bottles. The 2015 Mindel’s time is yet to come. Creamy and nutty, thick and zesty, with an accentuated almond (mindel) flavour that harmoniously complements the citrusy note of orange zest and lemon. Apart from standard bottles, Mindel is also bottled in magnum and double magnum bottles, which are also worth a try as even a less refined palate will surely notice the organoleptic renditions.
Pošip’s true essence is best felt in the semi-dry Pošip Slatko which is made from selected grapes left to dry on vines and left to undergo a long fermentation process on its own yeasts and ages for at least two years in a 500-litre oak wood barrel. It’ll do nicely with dry figs or goat quark to round off your meal.
Except Pošip, the Krajančić brothers also make Rosé Nerica, one of Croatia’s best pink wines, that contains early harvested Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Plavac Mali. An elegant young wine, with a pale pink colour, whose sharpness and dryness require some food. When cooled down ideally, it’s perfect for quelling your thirst.

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Contact number +385 91 5349 880

Web www.facebook.com/NericaWinery/

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Working hours: Mon - Sun: as agreed

Region Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address Čara 91, 20273 Čara


Agricultural cooperative Nerica, as the winery’s called officially, is situated in the renowned Čara Field. Jakša and his brother Mario Krajančič own almost 3.5 hectares of land where they predominantly grow Pošip, an indigenous white variety. Their wines can be consummated fresh such as Nerica or Mindel which is far more complex and demanding wine made using the sur lie method, all the way to a semi-sweet wine with a memorable name: Slatko.
They’re particularly proud of their vineyard Mindel at an elevated position, in eastern Čara Valley with an area of 1.5 hectares. The height difference shelters it from extremely low temperatures and results in more sunlight so the grapes are of exceptionally high quality.
Apart from Pošip, their also grow Rukatac, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Plavac Mali, all of which are used to make Rosé Nerica.
About 30,000-40,000 bottles are produced annually. The winery is constantly modernised. A tasting room and terrace boasting one of the most beautiful views of the island are located above the winery. Except the winery itself, you can find Nerica labels at Zagreb’s wine boutique Vivat fina vina.