Puhelek-Purek Winery

Prigorje – Bilogora

The Zelina winegrowing area, known for its numerous vineyards and quality wine production is located in the area of picturesque Prigorje. Right here, in this region an interesting tourist attraction has developed, the Zelina Wine Road, which passes through the wine region settlements of the Zelina area. This is a real opportunity for you to get to know the friendly winegrowers who will welcome you into their homes and show you their greatest love, which is of wine. One such tourist attraction is, without a doubt, the Puhelek-Purek winery who for decades has been involved in the cultivation of grapevines and the production of quality wines. You will be delighted by their farm, which is located on a hill from where a beautiful view of the surroundings extends.

The kings of Sauvignon and Kraljevina (Kingdom), as they call them, are known for their production of Sauvignon, which has a perfect measure of freshness and aromaticity. On the other hand, the Kraljevina Zelena wine is produced from 100% grapes of the Kraljevina sort, which represents an indigenous sort and holds the county brand of this region. This very light, fresh and drinkable wine perfectly complements the gastronomic specialities of this region. Due to its high acidities and low alcohol content Kraljevina is used as an excellent base for the production of sparkling wine, and so also from their farm comes the Kraljica (Queen) sparkling wine. The sparkling wine has characteristics very similar to Kraljevina, light, fresh, fluttery, only with a stronger body.

Regardless of that, the Puhelek-Purek winery produces wines that perfectly blend with many traditional specialities and find a place on the tables of many important events. From their range of wines, wine lovers can choose between Grašica (Graševina), Kraljevina Dišeća, Kraljevina Zelena, Sauvignon and Wine of the first Croatian Wine Queen.

The charming Puhelek-Purek family is collectively building their wine empire based on tradition, knowledge and love of wines. The head of the family (father) Stjepan, who is followed by his daughters Nataša and Ivana, both graduate engineers of agronomy, whose acquired theoretical knowledge they put into practice perfectly. They can welcome up to 50 people on their estate, to whom they will be pleased to present the wines and their own produced delicacies.

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Contact number 01/2069 051

Web www.vina-puhelek-purek.hr

E-mail info@vina-puhelek-purek.hr

Working hours: Tasting with prior announcement.

Region Central Croatia

Address Gornje Psarjevo 152, 10380 Sv. Ivan Zelina


The Puhelek-Purek family farm has been involved in viticulture-winegrowing production for a century or so. They are located on a small hill from where a beautiful view of the landscape bathed in sunshine extends.

The Puhelek-Purek Sauvignon wines always have the ideal measure of freshness and aromaticity and the winery is the unofficial king of the Zelina Sauvignon area.

The Puhelek-Purek farm offers wine-tasting, other drinks and cuts from their own produce. Here you can also try and choose the wines Grašica, Kraljevine Dišeće, Kraljevina Zelina, Sauvignon, Wine of the first Croatian Wine Queen.