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Srednja i Južna Dalmacija

One of the most intriguing wineries of southern Dalmatia has settled in the small town of Opuzen. It is easy to find it as it is a part of a hotel with a recognisable name, Merlot, also the property of the Prović family. However, do not let the name of the hotel fool you! Although they also produce premium red wines, here, to the far south, they boast the production of one of the best Croatian Chardonnay!

The base Chardonnay from the Prović cellar simply called CH is the wine of a full body, fresh and finely balanced, in which the minerals, flavours of ripe fruit and floral notes do not cover the oak and butter in the aftertaste due to the fact that half of the wine is kept in small wooden barrels. With this Chardonnay, it is best to order a juicy steak, crabs or white fish.

A special series of Chardonnay named Naron (Latin for Neretva) is field in only 900 bottles, and unlike the base Chardonnay, after mixing, it ages for a year on fine lees in old oak barrels. This sur lie Chardonnay is creamy, full of character and powerful wine – to some it might be too caramelised so it is best to leave it for the end of the meal.

The Bordeaux blend MC 2016 with two-thirds of Merlot and one-third of Cabernet Sauvignon, which is especially cherished in the best years as Reserva, also comes from the Neretva Valley. The wines are vinified separately with maceration of ten days, then blended and left to rest in barrique barrels for fifteen months, after which they spend almost half a year in stainless steel and as much time in bottles before they are released in the market. Clear, partly dense, of ruby ​​red colour with complex aroma dominated by smoke, blueberries and blackberries, and finally pepper and vanilla. Highly drinkable wine, partly warm and with soft tannins, with medium intense flavours of cooked berries, particularly blueberries in the aftertaste accompanying the odours. Wine with a storage potential even longer than 4-5 years and if anyway you decide to drink it immediately, goat or lamb on a spit are an excellent choice to match it.

A rarity in the market is Livia, monovarietal wine from the indigenous Zlatarica – one of the parents of Pošip. It is very aromatic wine with aromas and flavours of elderberry, freshly mown grass, green apple and lime. The real refreshment on a summer day, it matches surprisingly well with sushi.

The best companion to clams and prawn from Neretva is Teuta, rosé wine from Syrah in a Provencal style, with the colour of salmon due to brief maceration. Seductive strawberries, raspberries and red grapefruit captured in a bottle are another refreshment on hot days.

We are looking forward to Yellow Muscat, because judging by Chardonnay, another excellent wine is aging at the Prović Cellar.

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On about 2 hectares of vineyards on the soil that was submerged by the sea not so long ago, and near the mouth of the Mala Neretva, the family Prović Winery grows with great enthusiasm Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah among red varieties and Chardonnay, indigenous Zlatarica, and since recently Muscat among white varieties. The terroir of the Neretva vineyards is really special: the soil is a combination of alluvial and river humus with lots of sea minerals, winters are mild, summers are long, hot and dry, and the micro-location has over 2,700 hours of sunshine annually. Chardonnay and Yellow Muscat are a kind of Prović’s experiments – successful ones – with varieties that were believed not to be able to succeed this far to the south.