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Imagine you’re walking down the fields while you soak up the morning sunlight and you’re relishing the scent of olives and Mediterranean herbs. You listen to the surrounding nature and your footsteps gently touching the ground. You stop for a second and silently ask yourself what else is that you’re hearing. The laughter and banter of hard-working olive farmers taking care of the valuable trees since the break of dawn? Nature and its allies playing games? Or perhaps everything of the above at the same time? Relax and delve into exploring the Grubić family property.

Did we stir your imagination? You can already picture yourself walking through the plantation containing over 1600 olive trees where you’ll be in awe as you gaze at the trees which are more than 400 years old. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude because it is these trees together with their young friends that take the credit for the excellent extra virgin olive oil named Valeo. The Grubić family grows autochthonous varieties such as buza, buza ženska and rosignola.
This high-quality oil is cold-pressed giving it a fantastic aromatic note of a rich scent without a pronounced bitterness. The oil’s quality has been recognised abroad. Their oil has been included into Flos Olei, the world guide to best extra virgin olive oils and “Slow Food”, the world’s gourmet-oenology and oil Bible. But we mustn’t forget that the Grubić family’s oil has received gold medals at quite a few national fairs as well.

This is incentive enough to get you to do some exploration of your own because there’s plenty to see there. The property boasts an old oil mill dating back to 1927. The oil mill has been renovated and restored to its original condition. You’ll love the view of the stone mill, hydraulic pumps, presses and the old filter (sporte). Experienced connoisseurs will be taken back to a time when this cutting-edge technology used by today’s oil mills was non-existent. We discovered that this restored collection is one of a kind in Istria so by visiting the Grubić family property not only will you enjoy the nature and high-quality oil, but you’ll also learn more about Istria’s historic sights. If you add olive oil tasting and a tour of the property to the museum tour, your field trip will be complete. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Should you want to take a little something home with you, then you should definitely get a bottle of phenomenal olive oil. You’ll be mesmerised by the oil’s high quality, as well as by the bottle’s design. The bottles are made from colourless glass that enables you to discern the oil’s colour and texture.

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Contact number +385 52 854 623

Web www.grubic.hr

E-mail info@grubic.hr

Working hours: Every day from 1. 6. to 1. 9. from 10 to 14 o'clock - other months by inquiry

Region Istria

Address A. Negri 7; 52 211 Bale-Valle


-Valeo - Buza - 0.25 l / 0.50 l
-Valeo - Buza ženska - 0.375 l - limited edition of oil made from 200 olive trees more than 400 years old
-Valeo - Rosignola - 0.25 l / 0.50 l

-Gold plaque for the best extra virgin olive oil - Maslina Split 2009
-Gold plaque for the best extra virgin olive oil - Noćnjak 2010
-Gold plaque for the best extra virgin olive oil - Olive Days Zadar, 2013
-Best oil mill Masline, Split 2014, 2017