On the slopes of the beautiful Istrian peninsula, tradition had no kind of link with the production of quality wines. The main culprit was a dream about the work that would not only be a job but a lifestyle that merged with the love of wines.

The geological development of Istria has rewarded winegrowers with the excellent red and white earth and the ideal combination of sunny and rainy days, which are the main preconditions for the development of wine sorts.

The grapes of the Matošević wines grow in two locations – in the Buje area, in northwest Istria where fresh and mature white wines are produced, notably Malvasia, and Grimalda in central Istria where Grimalda White and Grimalda Red, coupages of white and red sorts, come from.
Let’s begin with the basic wines Alba (Malvasia) and Aura (Chardonnay), which will satisfy the palates of beginners and impel you to explore the story of wine. The Istrian Malvasia is one of the classic Istrian wines, extremely fresh and elegant, drinkable, of a fruity smell, emphasised minerality and a light retro taste, which is reminiscent of bitter almonds. To that let’s also add the elegant and fresh Chardonnay of an attractive smell of the sort, extremely accentuated minerality, a European style, and then we will have the beginning of an excellent tasting.

The speciality of Matošević’s wines, is without a doubt, the Alba range of aged wines (Alba Barrique, Alba Robina and Alba Antiqua), Istrian Malvasia, three excellent and inseparable friends. These are sorts from the Buje area.

If you fancy trying Alba Barrique, you will enjoy a combination of the standard aromas of Malvasia supplemented with the aromas of vanilla and caramel that comes from the oak.
Alba Robina is for real lovers of mature wines because it comes on the market two years after the other Malvasias, and is characterised by the intensive aromas of honey mixed with a smokiness and sometimes of pancetta.

If you decide that wine is to be your means of meditation, then your choice is Alba Antiqua. The wine is exceptionally strong and of an unusual freshness, reminiscent of Malvasias of the traditional method of processing with many tertiary aromas.

To this selection of mature wines we will also add the wine Mora, a Merlot with slight additions of Cabernet Franc and with gentle aromas of forest fruits.
The dot on the “i” of Matošević’s wines is the Grimalda range. Grimalda White (cuvée) is a blend of three white sorts – Chardonnay, Malvasia and Sauvignon Blanc. Whilst Grimalda Red (cuvée) is a blend of Merlot and Teran, which will delight you with its freshness and distinct minerality.

For the complete experience, you should also visit the magical place where these premium wines are stored. This is the wine cellar where the sorts that will enchant our palates are “sleeping”, and they are created with a combination of love, knowledge, tradition and great desire to thank the Istrian land for the blessing that it offers through the vineyards.

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The unique region with its fertile land, bathed in sunshine and the sea, is reflected in Matošević’s wines.
The grapes come from two locations of vineyards from the area of Buje and the place of Grimalda, from where come the two same-named wines, Grimalda White and Grimalda Red, coupages of white and red sorts.
The important place where the Matošević wines “live” is the wine cellar, which is located in Krunčići above the Lim Canal. The cellar offers excellent conditions for the production process of wines, as well as a pleasant stop-off for visitors.